Monday, June 8, 2009

Israel Tour: Day 3 in Tel Aviv

Nathan JonesBy Nathan Jones

Welcome back to Tel Aviv, Israel and the 2009 Holy Land Tour!

After some much needed sleep from the long journey, our pilgrims began their first full day here in Tel Aviv. Many couldn't sleep past 3 a.m. Israel-time, so watched the sunrise through the mist that alighted atop the town and Mediterranean Sea.

Shia and Honey

Greetings from our tour guide Shai and bus driver "Honey." Honey is an Arab Christian believer.

Independence Hall

We began our day at Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, the site where Israel became a nation in one day on May 14, 1948 in fulfillment of Isaiah 66:8.

Jeremiah 31:8

Yet another Bible prophecy fulfilled.

Isaiah 35:1

Israel, once a wasteland for almost 2,000 years due to neglect, has indeed blossomed again. Flowers are everywhere, and the abundant vegatable and fruit markets boast of massive-sized leeks, radishes and every other produce all locally grown.

Flowering Tree

An example of an exotic flowering tree.

Military Youth

Upon reaching 18 years old, women are required to serve 22 months of service and men 3 years. Teenage soldiers can be found on most corners hanging out. Zechariah 14:2 paints a sad picture for those young female soldiers.

Joffa Alley

Tel Aviv is a mere 100 years old. The oldest part, the historic Jaffa (Joppa) where Jonah sailed from and Peter had his dream, is ancient. Here is the tour group traveling up one of the many winding alleyways.

Dr. Reagan Teaching

Dr. Reagan presenting the salvation message outside the Church of St. Peter.


Napoleon conquered the seaport, and now "introduces" the ancient port deep under the ground.

Rabin Memorial

We visited the assassination site of former Prime Minister Rabin.

Dugit Ministries

We ended our day at Dugit Ministries, a Messianic Jewish congregation, one of 200 when just a decade or so back there were none.

Odd Observations:

  1. Breakfast and dinner use separate plates and utensils to remain kosher, avoiding any possible contamination with crossing milk and meat products.
  2. Arab restaurants must wash a ton of dishes, serving every individual food item on its own separate plate.
  3. Tel Aviv smells like a vast mixture of cooking spices.

Tomorrow early for Day 4 we leave Tel Aviv and head up the coast towards Lebanon.


son of thunder said...

Sounds like fun. The best part about vacation (to me, anyway) is experiencing the culture through food. Is the food any good?

Anonymous said...

You made my day seeing pictures of Shia and Honey. About 10 years ago I went to Isreal with Dr, Reagan and part of the best tour was meeting them. Praise God because of those two everyone will learn and have a joyful time and of course between Dave and Shia you all will get history and bible prophecy. Your all so Blessed.

Nathan Jones said...

Well, if you like salad 3 meals a day. Israeli's have incredible salads. Stay away from the Arab "mystery meat." That didn't agree with me.

son of thunder said...

"Mystery meat"? If I ever get to Israel, I will remember that.

Nathan Jones said...

Honey was very happy to hear about the compliment, Anonymous.