Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick Q&A: Is Jesus Coming Back Soon?

Dr. David R. ReaganPDFBy Dr. David R. Reagan

In Revelation 22:20 Jesus said "I am coming soon." And, He meant exactly what He said.

God is not in time. He does not experience time the way we do. The Bible says that to God a thousand years is like a day (2 Peter 3:9). The way God sees time, Jesus died on the cross two days ago.

This is a very fascinating point since the prophet Hosea says that the Lord will ascend to Heaven and stay there until the Jewish people cry out in their affliction (the Tribulation). He will then return to earth "after two days and will raise us up on the third day that we may live before Him" (Hosea 5:15-6:2). In other words, Hosea says the Lord will return after two thousand years, and the Redeemed will be resurrected to live before the Lord for a thousand years (the Millennium).

We are at the end of that two thousand year period right now!



davidsoncounty said...

Hallelujah! The LORD reigns! I believe that in my spirit, the Lord will be returning immediately. In the Greek, immediately is eutheos which means straightway, immediately, and forthwith. All I know the return is soon. What "soon" means to the LORD, I can not say, but I can say Maranatha!

Billy said...

"Soon" for God is absolutely not "soon" for those of us looking and waiting for the Rapture.

But my anticipation, and yes...sometimes impatience is tempered by the Bible verse quoted by Dr. Reagan that God's "soon" is slow so that as many people as possible can be saved.

In that spirit I say "Come quickly Lord Jesus - but as is the will of God."

son of thunder said...

In Jewish culture, they believe that time as we know it ends after 7,000 years. To Messianic Jews, the Sabbath represents more than just a day off: it represents the Millennium. A time of rest and peace for God's people.

So, if a thousand years equals 1 day in God's economy, then we are barreling down on the end of a "week" and we're getting ready to go take a break.

Anonymous said...

speaking of the 2000 years for his return i agree (although we do not know when this is exactly)
has anyone seen the ten week prophecy of enoch?
this is an amazing prophecy that starts from creation and goes right through to the judgment of the fallen angels
i'm a srong believer that this is god inspired scripture (although it probably contains some inaccuracies)
i strongly recommend that everyone reads this prophecy
here is the best link

Billy said...

If a prophecy has "inaccuracies" then I'm not even going to bother with it. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi billy
you misunderstood me - what i meant was the modern translation of the book has a few mistranslations (just like my kings james bible also has) but the actual prophecy i referred to is very accurate
i know it isn't "canonised" scripture but i don't believe god ever restricted his word to 66 books, and only divine intervention can tell me otherwise
anyhow i do know that it is quoted several times in the bible
i would rather "test the spirits" and ask god for knowledge than just assume that anything outside of the offical canon is not god inspired
even the early apostles considered the book of enoch as from god!!

god bless

Anonymous said...

son of thunder
speaking of 7000 years, i agree
as i have mentioned earlier in this thread about a prophecy, it even states that jesus will ascend to heaven and the temple will be destroyed, and the jews will be dispersed, (near 4,200 years after adam - 6x700 years - 6 weeks)
this is dated before the time of christ (usually about 150 BC)
and is so acurate that it is assumed thgat it must have been written after 130 AD (dispersion of the jews)