Monday, August 9, 2010

Rapture Ready Radio Live with Nathan Jones

Nathan JonesMP3By Nathan Jones

On Tuesday, August 3rd I was interviewed by host Matt Buff of the Rapture Ready Radio Live Tuesday radio show, broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. During the first half hour of their two hour live show we talked about the latest in Bible prophecy, the solar storm, the Israeli-Lebanon skirmish, the missions explosion in Africa, our upcoming Future Hope Conference, and other important topics relating to Christianity. We also spent a lot of time marveling at how ministry can reach so many people over the Internet today, demonstrated as Matt Buff simultaneously chatted online with people listening to the show.

Rapture Ready Radio Live

Listen to this interview to learn how the Internet has revolutionized how the Gospel is being shared to the outermost parts of the earth in these last days! (My apologies for not having a written
transcript of this interview available.)

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Expected Imminently said...

Hello Nathan
I am having a dickens of a job with my pc, if it gets any slower it will be flying fast out of the window. Emails are driving me up the wall. Solar storm?
However, a wonderful lady called Becky Hodges of Ariel understod every word I was trying to say, and 'it' should be at the other address 'Monday or Tuesday next week' she sent it Saturday so is it next week this week or next week ????

Now that you have told me your other address, are ya goin to have to kill me?

Nathan Jones said...

Thanks, E.I.! Post office has no record of it's delivery. Sorry it didn't come through and has caused you a run around. :(

You're sweet. I think I'll let you live. ;)

DrNofog said...

EI said...
"...Becky Hodges of Ariel understod every word I was trying to say..."
God bless Becky with the 'gifts of tongues' for understanding such a ferrin language!

However, I did need to pass this on, how I got caught in the middle... I have no clue:

MI5-Com-Urgent: Be on your utmost guard!
- Nathan Jones said... -- "You're sweet. I think I'll let you live." -- You may now have been 'compromised'...Take appropriate 'care'!
- America has now gone absolutely "rouge nation" against Gen. 12:3.
'Trust no man'...

Expected Imminently said...

Listen ear Mr! Me puters on the blink and giving EI jip.

Any old way, me mum wont let me handle the new super connector! She swears its iffy over temperature, its gotta be kept constant; so she's threaded it through the LEFT leg o er knicker elastic. It helps boost the power and it must be the left leg or er cant draw her sword proper. No end of grief caused by these ere solar flare ups. UP and over :)