Friday, December 21, 2012

Will the World End Today?

Nathan JonesBy Nathan Jones

Is the world going to end today?

Many people in the secular world today are pointing to today — December 21st, 2012 — as the date for the end of the world. What is the basis of this speculation? And, is there any biblical basis for it?

Find out as Doug Harris interviews Nathan Jones and other guests on Britain's apologetics television program "Simply the Truth."


Anonymous said...

I am not sure of what Anon is saying yesterday, but I thought the 20/21/12 was a joke.. did you notice how the news media just mentioned it because of preppers.. but when that man predicts the end of the world, they kept it on the news to make fun and cut down Christians..

Also, I have noticed all events are happening to abet Obama in his agenda.. he wanted to stop coal, then there are mines collapsing, he wanted to stop drilling and the the BP oil spill. With the Sandy Hook event.. he is now trying to use that as an excuse to get gun
I used to worry so much about all the things they are getting away with.. and I have to admit, I still wish they would be punished for their sorriness.. but I know God is in control.. so it has to be his plan..So there is nothing we can do but watch for Jesus to come.. I hope it is soon.. and I feel it will be soon.. not tomorrow but in the NEAR future..

Susie said...

Anon (2)
... amen ... and selah!
Come for ur bride Lord... she waits for u <3

Anonymous said...

I never bought into the ridiculous 21/12/12 hype. It's crazy how people find it easier to believe in a Mayan calendar than the word of God! Still, regardless of this false prophecy, I agree with these guys that we should be ready for a fall nonetheless. A financial collapse is inevitable, so there's nothing wrong with stocking up for example.

Anonymous said...

Read the true word of God and don't worry about date setters or other false doomsday predictions. God bless...