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June 28-29, 2013 (Friday evening through Saturday afternoon)
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Can't make it to our conference this month? Well, we don't want you to miss out on what's going to be a most blessed time with our fantastic lineup of speakers including Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas, political reporter Alan Franklin from London, noted author Ron Rhodes of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, cajun evangelist Don McGee of Crown and Sickle Ministries, and of course Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones of Lamb & Lion Ministries. Wonderful music is provided Friday night by the X-Alt Quartet and ministry favorite Jack Hollingsworth.

Since we didn't want anyone to miss this great event just because they can't make it to Dallas, we are going to come to you online by providing live streaming of the conference. Just visit our website Friday evening and all day Saturday to join in! (Note: The banquet will not be streamed.)

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

War of Psalm 83: Dispelling the Criticisms

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What are the criticisms against Psalm 83 being the next end times war?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Bill Salus, author and radio host of Prophecy Depot, who believes the next war prophesied in end time Bible prophecy is going to be the war described in Psalm 83.

Bill Salus

Criticism #2: Fulfilled in 2 Chronicles 20

Nathan Jones: Bill, in looking at 2 Chronicles 20, skeptics will say that battle was fulfilled during King Jehoshaphat's time when he destroyed Moab and Edom. Is that the truth? Was that battle fulfilled prophetically in a long past time period? You're saying no, but they point to this passage and say there could be some parallels.

Bill Salus: That is one of the arguments used against Psalm 83 being a modern day war. If I remember, you had a blogger ask this same question back in 2009, Nathan, you probably recall. I wrote an article in response titled, "Has Psalm 83 Found Final Fulfillment?" It then actually became an appendix in my newest book. One of your bloggers had voiced the concern that this war might have been historically fulfilled.

When you study 2 Chronicles 20, you realize that in the Hebrew Masoretic texts, in the Latin Vulgate, in the Greek Septuagint, and the new modern English translations, that there were really only three or four populations at best that would have fit into that prophecy. It could have been a partial fulfillment, but a final fulfillment would require all ten populations of Psalm 83 to be involved.

Really, who was involved for the most part in 2 Chronicles 20? It was Jordan and part of Syria. There's no Saudi Arabia, no Lebanon, no Egypt, no Gaza, no ancient Philistia listed there. So, 2 Chronicles 20 could not have been the final fulfillment of Psalm 83.

Dr. Reagan: I think you are right on target with that ascertainment. I don't see how anyone could possibly argue that 2 Chronicles 20 was a fulfillment of Psalm 83. It covers mainly two population groups that are in Jordan today, but certainly not all the groups surrounding Israel.

Criticism #3: Fulfilled in Israel's Modern Day Wars

Dr. Reagan: Bill, another critical response to your thesis is that Psalm 83 was fulfilled in the Israeli wars of 1967 and 1948. Or, even 1967 and 1973. Psalm 83 then would be a series of different wars, but modern day wars that have already occurred. What about that criticism?

Bill Salus: I address that criticism of course in my book as well. Let's take 1967. I think we can eliminate that war really quite quickly, much like we eliminated 2 Chronicles 20 as a historic fulfillment. In 1967, there were three of the ten populations found in Psalm 83 involved. In 1967 the nations attacking Israel were primarily Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Not all ten, like there was no Lebanese involvement.

First of all, these past modern day wars with Israel were indeed partial fulfillments. They express the attitude of Psalm 83, in that these surrounding nations want to destroy Israel. But, I believe Psalm 83 is a prophecy in process, and these are partial fulfillments.

Now, in 1948, we had Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt attempting to destroy the new state of Israel. Those were the main belligerents, but they also had foreign assistance coming from Pakistan, the Sudan and Yemen. These supporting nations are not listed in Psalm 83. You can't put a square peg into a round hole, because to do so you are throwing in other populations into the Psalm 83 prophecy.

One of the main reasons I believe Psalm 83 has not found fulfillment yet is that we are told in Psalm 83:9-11 when Asaph petitions the Lord to deal with the confederacy that is going to come against them in the historical precedent of the Midianites and the Canaanites, then he draws our attention back to Judges 4-8. At that time in chapters 6-8, Gideon had to go against the Midianites who had oppressed the Israelites for seven years. Judges tells us that Gideon went and with just 300 men killed 120,000 Midianites. Oreb and Zeeb, the princes, were killed by Gideon's men. Zebah and Zalmunna were killed by Gideon himself. The Midianites ceased to ever oppress Israel again.

The same story comes up in verse 10 and 11 in Judges, where it's talking about the Canaanites. In Judges 4 and 5, Deborah was the prophetess and Barak was the general of the Israeli defense forces of those times. They defeated the Canaanites who oppressed them for 20 years. After that, you'll never find another story of the Canaanites like the Midianites oppressing the Israelites again. I think that is a sound argument why this prophecy has not found fulfillment yet, because these other Arabs still stand to confederate and oppress Israel. I think Asaph is saying, "Stop them so they can never oppress us again."

Criticism #4: To Be Fulfilled in the War of Gog & Magog

Nathan Jones: What about Ezekiel 38 & 39 being a fulfillment of Psalm 83? That war is a future war pretty clearly, but some argue that when it talks about the other nations that go along with Gog, then how is Psalm 83's nations not part of Ezekiel 38 & 39, also called the War of Gog & Magog.

Bill Salus: There are different populations participating in each war, different motives, and different destructions. Just in summary, none of the countries that Ezekiel 38 & 39 share common borders with Israel are mentioned in Ezekiel's list. Ezekiel talks of Russia being probably involved, and certainly Iran, Turkey and Libya.

Nathan Jones: You call Ezekiel 38 & 39's nations the "outer ring" of invading nations coming against Israel?

Bill Salus: Yes, they are the outer ring of countries. They do not share common borders with Israel, while all of Psalm 83 does. They are coming against a different Israel than we experience today. They are coming against an Israel dwelling securely, and it's very prosperous because Ezekiel reveals that Russia is coming after Israel's great bounty to plunder.

If you think about it, imagine today Russia putting a coalition together, and it's an imminent event like some people teach. I personally don't think the War of Gog & Magog is imminent. I think Psalm 83 precedes it. But, it would be like America going and enlisting Canada and Mexico to come against the little state of New Jersey. It just seems so overwhelming, right? Why would Russia need all these big friends to come against a little Israel? I don't think it will be a little Israel anymore by the War of Gog & Magog. I think it's the Israel that has won a war and has defeated their Arab enemies. They feel free to tear down their protective walls, bars and gates. They can stretch out their elbows and annex some lands, hence the subtitle of my book, "How Israel Becomes the Next Mideast Superpower."

I believe the Israel that Russia comes after in the War of Gog & Magog is a much different Israel than we have today. It is much more wealthy and much more secure. A greater, safer Israel is one freed from Arab torment and terror. That's when Russia puts together its predominantly Muslim coalition of Iranians and Turks and asks them, "Are you going to allow Israel to do that? To win that war to annex territory?" And we know Israel annexes territory, for they did it in 1967 after they won the Six Day War. We know King David did it 3,000 years ago. Joshua did it 3,300 years ago.

I suspect with all the prophecies found in the Bible that Israel after defeating their bordering neighbors is going to grab some of their territory. Obadiah suggests they are going to grab up southern Lebanon. Jeremiah 49 suggests they are going to grab parts of Jordan. Isaiah 19 suggests that five cities will speak the language of Canaan, which is Hebrew, in Egypt. So, we have I think an Israel that's going to expand. I don't think they are going to get all of the land that they were promised in Genesis 15:18 from the river of Egypt to the River of Nile, but they'll have control over their neighbors.

Dr. Reagan: Israel will not get all the land God promised them until the Millennium.

Bill Salus: Right, not until Christ comes. But, I do believe they are going to expand incrementally a little bit, and especially after Psalm 83.

Criticism #5: To Be Fulfilled at Armageddon

Dr. Reagan: Another criticism some say against Psalm 83 being a contemporary end time war is that Psalm 83 must then be part of the Armageddon campaign at the end of the Tribulation. What about that?

Bill Salus: Yes, that is one of the final arguments I hear. I think that one is probably one of the easier ones to dispel, too.

If someone understands the Tribulation, then they know that the seven year period is often divided up into two halves based on verses in Revelation 11, Revelation 12, Daniel 7, and Daniel 12. They talk about the first 3 1/2 years and a second 3 1/2 years. The first 3 1/2 years are characterized by an Israel that is dwelling in a sense of false security. The confirmation of a false covenant has been made by the Antichrist in Daniel 9:26-27. Israel then feels as if they are dwelling securely, although it is a false sense of security. But, they're not fighting off the Arabs for a change. They're not engaged in a massive Arab-Israeli war. They are actually feeling like they are at a point of peace. As a matter of fact, Israel becomes so complacent that the Israeli Defense Forces I believe can't even stop the Antichrist from going in at the middle of the Tribulation and abominating the Temple. So, that's the first half.

Now, the second half of the Tribulation even Jesus warns in Matthew 24:15-19 that when you see the abomination that causes desolation which characterizes at midpoint of the Tribulation, He tells the Jewish people to flee immediately. That's flee immediately, not fight immediately. Flee immediately because there is a genocidal attempt that's coming upon them, even worse than any of the others before. We are told in Zechariah 13:8 that two-thirds of the Jewish people will be cut off in from the land. They will not be fighting in my estimation, they will be fleeing.

Therefore, Psalm 83 cannot be part of the Armageddon campaign. It will probably precede Ezekiel 38 & 39 and even be a Pre-Trib event. Psalm 83 will probably happen in our time, and that's what I'm watching for it really quite closely.

Remember that Psalm 83 couldn't have happened between 70 AD and 1948 AD because the specific mandate is for those bordering nations to want to destroy the nation of Israel and that the name of Israel can be remembered no more. There was no nation of Israel in those years.

We've already put forward that Psalm 83 couldn't have happened in the Old Testament. It couldn't have happened in the Diaspora. But, it can happen now since 1948. And, it won't happen in the Tribulation.

Dr. Reagan: You feel very strongly that Psalm 83 is likely to be waged before Gog & Magog?

Bill Salus: I do, because Israel does not dwell securely right now. That is a prerequisite from Ezekiel 38:13.

Dr. Reagan: Joel Rosenberg feels otherwise. Have you ever discussed this with him?

Bill Salus: I've not had the opportunity to discuss it with Joel. And, Joel's not the only one that feels that way. There are other Bible prophecy teachers who believe that Ezekiel 38 is probably a more imminent event.

Dr. Reagan: I don't see how they can say that though when you consider the fact that Ezekiel says Israel will be living in peace. There's just no way that Israel is living in peace right now.

Bill Salus: These other eschatologists sort of redefine what I think the Hebrew word yashab betach means.

Dr. Reagan: They must redefine what peace means as well.

Bill Salus: I think a lot of them. I'm not going to speak for Joel, but a lot of them believe that it is a sense of security that Israel would develop because they have comfort in their own Israeli Defense Forces and their ability to defend themselves. But, I just don't buy it. I don't buy it.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

War of Psalm 83: Not Merely an Imprecatory Prayer

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Is Psalm 83 merely an imprecatory prayer?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Bill Salus, author and radio host of Prophecy Depot, who believes the next war prophesied in end time Bible prophecy is going to be the war described in Psalm 83.

Bill Salus

Criticism #1: It's Only an Imprecatory Prayer

Dr. Reagan: Bill, let's jump into the criticisms that have been made concerning your theory of Psalm 83 being the next Middle East war. One such criticism is that Psalm 83 is simply what's called an imprecatory prayer. That's a prayer calling on the defeat upon the enemies of Israel. Critics will say that Psalm 83 is simply a lament, and that it's nothing more, and it has nothing to do with prophecy. It is not a prophecy they believe.

Bill Salus: I think in part Psalm 83 is indeed an imprecatory prayer. It is an invocation to curse those that would curse Israel. But, we also find out that Asaph who wrote this prayer is a prophet.

Dr. Reagan: Most people don't know that. They think of him as the worship leader of David, but not as a prophet.

Bill Salus: Well, Hezekiah realized he was a prophet in 2 Chronicles 29:30, when he commanded the Levites to sing praises that were written by David and Asaph the Seer. The Hebrew word for seer is chozah, meaning "beholder of vision, a prophet." Asaph wrote 12 Psalms including Psalm 73, Psalm 83, and also Psalm 50. Psalm 83 is the most prophetic of all of them as a seer. So clearly, Asaph according to the Bible was a prophet just like Jeremiah and Isaiah.

The other reason I think Psalm 83 is quite clearly not simply an imprecatory prayer is because there's very specific details in this prophecy. There's a confederacy that forms a plan and comes together with the goal to destroy Israel so that the name of Israel would be remembered anymore. We are told that this confederacy wants to take the pastures of God for their self-possession. They want the land. They want the Promised Land and to destroy the Chosen People. When you start looking at what that confederacy wants, such a contemporary confederacy exists today that has come together with the same plan as Psalm 83 describes.

Psalm 83 is not a chronological ordering of Israel's ancient enemies, which some people try to suggest that it is. Asaph lists ten enemies, but Israel had many more enemies besides these guys. Listed in the confederacy are habitation conditions, like in other words, we have the tents of Edom, meaning refugees probably like the Palestinian refugees. It says that Syria helps the children of Lot with a strong shoulder of support. So, in other words, we have listed a bona fide confederacy where one of the members actually needs help. Nobody can just chronologically say this is just a bunch of Israel's ancient enemies found in an imprecatory prayer. There are modern day equivalents.

Nathan Jones: What's the contemporary names of these nations for folks who are not familiar with the geography around Israel. You keep speaking about contemporary enemies and that the Psalm 83 war is going to be between Israel and its surrounding nations. But, what are those surrounding nations?

Bill Salus: From Israel, let's go north, off to the west, and then down to the south. You've got Hezbollah as the inhabitants of Tyre, which is modern day Lebanon. There one would find where the Hezbollah are. Then you go northeast to Syria. Iraq would be part of that, too. There is Jordan and Saudi Arabia. There are the Palestinian refugees and Hamas in Gaza south of Israel. I believe Egypt will be involved along with the Muslim Brotherhood as well. These are the countries that share common borders and have terrorist populations within them that have been Israel's most observable enemies since 1948.

Ever since ancient times, these peoples have harbored a hatred of Israel all throughout their existence. I believe that war is coming to a conclusion probably very soon. I think that Psalm 83 is a prophecy for our time.

Dr. Reagan: Some people actually take the position that the Psalms are just not prophetic in nature. They say they're only poetry, and that they are merely inspirational. But, the Psalms are full of prophecies about the First Coming of Jesus. They're also full of prophecies about the Second Coming of Jesus. So, I would strongly argue that the Psalms are also prophetic in nature.

Bill Salus: I would agree with you. Psalm 2 I believe is prophetic, and one of the greatest Psalms in the Bible about the Second Coming. Psalm 22, obviously a messianic prophecy. Psalm 60:8 talks about Moab will be a wash pot, and Edom will be where the Lord casts His shoe. There are quite a few.

One of the arguments that is important to people who say the Psalms aren't prophetic is they'll declare, "You have to look to the major and minor prophets, for they would have had to write about Psalm 83, too, to make it a legitimate prophecy." I point out in my book that I believe there are 150 related verses, even more than Ezekiel 38 & 39, dealing with Psalm 83.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, I thought that was one of the strongest points you made in your book.

In the third and last segment on the War of Psalm 83 with Bill Salus, he'll fend off some further criticisms against Psalm 83 being a prophetic event.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

War of Psalm 83: The Big Controversy

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What is the big controversy surrounding Psalm 83?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Bill Salus, author and radio host of Prophecy Depot, who believes the next war prophesied in end time Bible prophecy is going to be the war described in Psalm 83.

Bill Salus

Bill's Background

Nathan Jones: Bill, before we get into your new book, Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed, can you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you get into Bible prophecy? Tell us a little about your ministry.

Bill Salus: I became a Christian in 1990 while attending a Chuck Missler Bible study on the book of Revelation. I remember thinking, "Oh my goodness, God really knows the end from the beginning. No one else can do that." As a matter of fact, Isaiah 46:9-10 became one of my favorite passages, and so I founded my ministry upon its teachings. "Remember the former things of old. I am God, there is no other. I am God. There is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning."

God is a God of prophecy, and the only One. He authenticates His own word. That became how I open my radio show up by saying, "Welcome to Prophecy Update, where we intend to authenticate the sovereignty of God through Bible prophecy by telling you what Bible prophecy has to say about these last days."

But, we don't leave it there. I get into the fact that in Revelation 19:10 the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Nathan Jones: You were saved by studying prophecy, and so therefore you decided to devote your life to teaching Bible prophecy?

Bill Salus: I just became obsessed with it. When I get into something, I become a little obsessed, Nathan. Back when I had a mortgage business at one time, I would get up early and study for a few hours each day before I went to work. Then through time I took a lot of notes and people encouraged me to start turning those notes into chapters. The next thing you know, I'm issuing books and became an author and speaker.

Nathan Jones: So, you do speak and go to speaking engagements?

Bill Salus: Yes, I speak at conferences and churches and do a lot of TV and radio. I have my own radio show as well.

Nathan Jones: Which I've been on, and it's a great show!

Bill Salus: Yes, David and you as well have both been on the program. People can watch via my website at It sounds like Home Depot, as I try to keep it simple. We have a newsletter that people can subscribe to there, and I try to respond to emails and comments. I'm a little slow on occasion, but please send me your comments. Then all of my teaching materials are available there as resources as well. I have lots of articles and all of my media shows and things like that posted to my website.

A Big Controversy

Dr. Reagan: Most Bible prophecy experts seem to believe that the next major prophetic war in the Middle East is likely to be what the Bible calls the War of Gog & Magog which will feature a Russian led attack on Israel. But, Bill, you believe otherwise. You believe the next war prophesied in end time Bible prophecy is going to be the war described in Psalm 83.

Bill, you burst onto the Bible prophecy scene in 2008 with a very insightful book called Isralestine. I endorsed it immediately because I felt it provided the missing link in end time Bible prophecy. However, others pounced on it, criticizing it heavily. Bill, you've now come out with a new follow up book called Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed. In this book you respond to the criticisms of the thesis in your first book.

Nathan Jones: So, Bill, what's it like to be in middle of a big controversy?

Bill Salus: When I wrote the book, I expected this could happen because it was new ground in the study of Bible prophecy. I had to do about seven years of research to make sure that I covered all the bases. Second Peter 1:20 says that no prophecy is subjected to individual interpretation. So, when these opposing arguments came forward, I considered them very carefully and deliberated over them very prayerfully to make sure that I had the right thesis on Psalm 83. And so, my pencil is sharpened and I do really believe this is a prophecy for our time.

Dr. Reagan: There is a verse about iron striking against iron, and controversy makes you sharper, right?

Bill Salus: Absolutely! We look at prophecy these days as if we are looking through a glass dimly. But, we are the generation that experienced the prophecy about Israel becoming a nation again, and so we are the generation that has been given more exact details about the end times to line them up with Scriptures.

I think we are so close to the Psalm 83 prophecy being fulfilled and some of the other prophecies that we can get some pretty good clues as to what is going to happen fairly soon. Through the Scriptures, we can watch the geopolitical events unfolding before us. I think we are about ready to see something break wide open in the Middle East.

Study on Psalm 83

Nathan Jones: Before we get into those events, maybe you can give us a little summary of your new book. Tell us what the thesis is of your new book, Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed.

Bill Salus: Absolutely. Psalm 83 is an ancient prophecy written by Asaph 3,000 years ago at a time when Israel was experiencing unprecedented conditions from the blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant. They were a people in their own land. They were winning wars. They were talking about building their Temple. They had their anointed King David.

And then, Asaph is given this prophecy from God that's nothing short of a genocidal attempt on the Chosen People and a confiscation of the Promise Land. It was a very specific prophecy about the ten populations that would confederate one day to come against Israel to destroy her.

Asaph's prophecy has not found fulfillment yet. When we try to understand who these Psalm 83 enemies are today, we find out that they are Israel's enemies that share common borders with Israel, including the terrorist population inside of those Arab countries. It's a very timely prophecy, especially now that Israel is threatened by Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Amazing when you think that this prophecy concerning a specific Arab confederation was written 3,000 years ago!

Dr. Reagan: Basically, what you wrote about in your first book, Isralestine, is you said that Psalm 83 is more than just what most people think of as an imprecatory prayer. You believe instead that Psalm 83 is a prophecy concerning the end times which concerns a war that is going to take place between Israel and the immediately surrounding nations that have a common border to Israel — an inner ring — as you often refer to them.

You also believe that Psalm 83 is talking about a different war from the War of Gog & Magog in Ezekiel 38 & 39, which is one that prophecies about an outer ring of Muslim nations that will attempt to destroy Israel. That is one of the reasons why I endorsed your book immediately, Bill. I always felt like that there would be a war between Israel and the inner ring, and that would ultimately lead to the War of Gog & Magog. I always believed that and I taught that and wrote about it, but I'd never tied it to Psalm 83. When you came and tied it to Psalm 83, the realization suddenly clicked and I said, "Yes, that's it! That's the reason why that inner circle is not mentioned in the War of Gog & Magog."

When it's only an outer circle of nations prophesied about, you're left to wonder why not the nations next to Israel. According to Psalm 83, they've already been taken care of earlier by Israel. That's your basic thesis?

Bill Salus: That is the thesis of the book, summarily. I do coin the term "inner circle" for those Arab countries that share a common borders with Israel and the terrorist populations within, and they are clearly not listed in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

I then coin the term "outer ring" for that peripheral group that comes I believe in a subsequent prophecy upon an Israel that is dwelling securely, which at this point Israel is not dwelling securely.

Dr. Reagan: I believe your theory completely answers the question of why is it that in the War of Gog & Magog none of those inner circle of nations surrounding Israel are mentioned. Ezekiel just lists the nations that do not have a common border with Israel. Why wouldn't the ones that have a common border be included in some kind of Islamic campaign to annihilate Israel? People who study Bible prophecy have to come up with the solution to that conundrum.

Bill Salus: I think Israel's border nations were intentionally omitted because they are not involved in the War of Gog & Magog. It's not like Ezekiel, when he wrote Ezekiel 38, was not familiar with the populations of Psalm 83 — the Edomites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, etc. As a matter of fact, in one way or another, Ezekiel wrote about all ten populations found in Psalm 83 exactly 89 times in his 48 chapters found in the book of Ezekiel, but he did not include those border populations once in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

We've got so many other differences between Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83. There are different purposes between the battles. For instance, in Psalm 83, the border nations come together to form a crafty council, for they want to take the pastures of God for their own possession. In other words, they want one more Arab state, if this is to find fulfillment today. These Muslims want to call it Palestine. On the other hand, in Ezekiel 38 & 39, Russia is coming, not for the land, but after great plunder and great booty.

There are also different defeats. We are told in Ezekiel 38:16-39:6 that it is the Lord, not the Israeli defense forces nor America, but the Lord clearly is stepping divinely in with fire and hailstones to destroy the enemy armies in the War of Gog & Magog. The Lord Himself stops the nations Ezekiel describes. But, in Psalm 83, we find that the Israeli Defense Forces are being called upon to defeat the Arab enemies around them. I'll point out here that the Israeli Defense Forces today exist in fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

There are also different populations. Those Ezekiel 38 & 39 countries have to come through the inner circle lands to even get to Israel. Are all the nations circling Israel going to allow the Iranian and Turkish armies through? Not likely!

Some people try to lump the border nations into Ezekiel 38:6 where it says there are "many peoples with thee." But, that is really quite a stretch. Ezekiel was very specific about Meshech and Tubal and everybody he listed, so you'd think he certainly would have thrown in by name the Philistines and the Edomites.

Dr. Reagan: Another point you made in the original book is the timing of Psalm 83. You put it before Gog & Magog?

Bill Salus: Yes, and I think that's pretty easy to understand why because of one of the descriptions we are given in Ezekiel 38:8-13. In those verses we find several very important things to identify, the chief being that Israel today even exists. Are they dwelling securely in the midst of the land, in the latter days upon the mountains of Israel, without walls, bars, nor gates? Does Israel now possess great plunder and booty, because that is the very thing that Russia covets and so forms a coalition of Islamic nations to come after it in Gog & Magog?

David, you and I have had this discussion about Israel not dwelling securely at present, without walls, nor bars, nor gates.

Dr. Reagan: True, for Israel is building a 450 mile wall right now.

Bill Salus: Absolutely! So, Israel is not dwelling securely in their land. They have check points and security gates throughout Israel. And so, at this point in time, I don't see that Israel dwells securely. Contrary to what a lot of people think that the Hebrew word yashab betach meaning "dwelling securely" means "a confidence on their own ability to defend themselves militarily." No, when you really look at the Hebrew words and their biblical uses in the past with precedent, you find that it's really a security that is accomplished militarily through defeating one's enemies.

I think in Ezekiel 28 we find out how Israel's security happens. There around verses 24-26 it says that Israel will dwell securely when those who share common borders around Israel, that despise Israel having judgment executed upon them, then they shall dwell securely, yashab betach.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you! You have given us a good summary of Psalm 83 that was discussed in your original book.

In the second segment on the War of Psalm 83 with Bill Salus, he'll fend off the criticism that Psalm 83 is merely an imprecatory prayer.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Creation Training: The Religion of Evolution

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Is Evolution in truth a religion?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Mike Riddle, the founder and director of a wonderful ministry called the Creation Training Initiative. It's a biblical discipleship ministry that teaches Christians how to defend their faith using Genesis and the teaching of a literal 6-day Creation.

Mike Riddle

Authority for Faith

Dr. Reagan: I want to go back to a fundamental question that we started with earlier. It's so fundamental I want to end with it. What difference does it make whether it took a billion years or 6,000 years to make the Earth?

Mike Riddle: This is the best question to end on. Why does it matter? It comes back again to the authority of God's Word, the Scriptures. When do we believe it? When do we not believe it?

The world looks at Christians to see if we are really consistent in our beliefs. If we don't believe in our Bibles, then how can we ask other people to believe in it? Let me give you a great example here of consistency. I love to ask this question. Do we as Christians really believe Jesus Christ died on that cross? We'll say, "Yes." But, do we believe that He rose again on the third day? And, we'll say, "Yes." My question after that is, "Why do you believe that? You were not there to observe it." The answer is when it comes to God's Word, we believe it by faith.

But, let me add one more thing. Did you know according to all known Science that you cannot be dead for three days and come back to life? So, are you still willing to go against known Science and believe the Resurrection. We'll say, "Yes." But, then are you willing to believe that God created everything in six literal days as His Word says, even though our best scientists refuse to do so? The world sees this, too. They see many Christians say, "I believe the Resurrection, but I don't believe in the Creation." The world sees that inconsistency there. When we adopt an old Earth, we ourselves become as the Church a stumbling block for people accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior because we don't accept that truth ourselves.

Dr. Reagan: One thing that I have taught for many years is that we need to accept God's Word for what it says, from the beginning to the end. If the plain sense makes sense, don't look for any other sense, or you'll end up with nonsense. God knows how to communicate. He wants to communicate. You don't have to have a Ph.D. in hermeneutics or imagination. You do have to have the Holy Spirit residing in you to understand all of God's Word, though.

I've often made the point that there is a tremendous relationship between the beginning of the Bible and the end of the Bible. If you start off spiritualizing the story of the Creation, then you will probably end up spiritualizing what the Bible teaches about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. To me you've got to take both of them for what they say.

Mike Riddle: Yes, they go hand-in-hand. What we lose in Genesis, we get back again in the book of Revelation. There's an amazing correlation between those two books.

Dr. Reagan: That's right. And they need to be approached from the viewpoint that they are understandable, and that God wants you to understand. When Dr. Henry Morris, the founder of The Institute for Creation Research, wrote a commentary on the book of Revelation, he started out by saying, "I'm writing this commentary because people say that the book of Revelation is hard to understand. They're wrong. It's not hard to understand. It's hard to believe. If you will believe it, you will understand it." The same is true of the Genesis story.

Choice of Religions

Nathan Jones: Isn't that the same with Evolution. We base our belief in God on faith, but doesn't Evolution also believe what they are taught by faith. Evolution is a faith-based system. Therefore, Evolution is really a religion, isn't it?

Mike Riddle: Ultimately, yes, both have to be accepted by faith. But, then it comes down to this matter — what does your faith have to offer you? Your faith in Evolution offers me nothing, because when I ask, "Who am I?" it answers with, "We are just a chance accident." Or, as the Bible teaches, are we made in the image and likeness of our Creator God?

Nathan Jones: Evolution offers the freedom to sin, though, right?

Mike Riddle: Yes, but that leads one to the ultimate question, "What happens when we die?" Do I just become nothing?

Dr. Reagan: Dave Hunt put it this way, he said, "Can you stop and think for a moment about what is the greatest hope of an Atheist? The greatest hope is that there is nothing after death."

The Christian's hope is that we are going to live eternally with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Creation Training: Carbon Destroys the Evolutionary Model

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Does Carbon 14 dating destroy the evolutionary model?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Mike Riddle, the founder and director of a wonderful ministry called the Creation Training Initiative. It's a biblical discipleship ministry that teaches Christians how to defend their faith using Genesis and the teaching of a literal 6-day Creation.

Mike Riddle

Carbon 14 Dating

Nathan Jones: There are all these dating techniques like Carbon 14 that we hear about from Evolutionists who say these methods prove that the earth is millions of years old. I hear many pastors and preachers even claim that Carbon 14 dating has proven that the earth is millions of years old. How do you respond to these claims?

Mike Riddle: Well, the first problem is that we have a lot of people talking about the age of the earth who have never really been to the labs to see how these dating methods really work. The first thing we need to understand is that every one of these dating methods, whether radiometric dating, or radioactivity which is what we are talking about when one element changes another, these elements change, just like when we get older we change. For instance, put a banana out there for awhile. What happens to it? It turns brown, and then it is only good for making banana bread at that point. Things change and elements do too. One element will change to another over time. Those changes are used as a measurement.

The key part we must remember firstly is that every one of these dating methods is based on assumptions. Assumptions are not mentioned in the textbooks. Every one of these assumptions have been proven to be faulty and in error. So, if your premise or your assumption is false, your conclusion will also be in error. That fact's not being taught.

I'll give you some examples. Lava flows in New Zealand were shown dated at 275,000 years old, when in actuality those lava flows were made in 1949. Pretty big error there!

Mount Saint Helens is a very good example of these dating errors. In May 1980, rocks were formed from the lava flows that erupted out of the mountain. The eruption also created overnight a canyon that looks like Grand Canyon, proving the Grand Canyon didn't need to take millions of years to form. Anyway, these rocks created in 1980 were actually dated at over two million years old. So, even when we know when a rock was formed, we still never get the correct age. Why then should we trust the dating of the earth when we don't even know when the rock was formed?

Geology labs can take one rock sample, date it by say four different methods (though there a lot of different methods that we can use), and come up with four very different ages ranging from hundreds of millions of years of differences in age. These tests then clearly are not reliable.

Nathan, you mentioned Carbon 14 dating. The simple thing about Carbon 14 is that after about 80,000 years all the datable Carbon 14 has decayed out of something. If we find something with Carbon 14 in it, it means it has to be any datable Carbon 14, meaning it has to be younger than 80,000 years.

Let's look at coal, for instance. The Institute for Creation Research did some studies on coal. They took coal samples which according to Evolutionists coal is millions of years old and should have no Carbon 14 in it. ICR took their coal to an Evolutionist's lab to make sure there'd be no bias. Guess what they found in every coal sample? Carbon 14. That coal in truth is not millions of years old will never get published.

The ICR then did a study of diamonds. Diamonds are a very special kind of stone because they are made up of pure carbon. Diamonds according to Evolutionists are supposed to be hundreds of millions to billions of years old, so there should absolutely be no Carbon 14 in those things. But, they took these diamonds samples to the lab, and guess what they found? In every diamond sample? Yes, Carbon 14.

Carbon 14 is a powerful testimony this earth has to be young.

Dr. Reagan: I was also under the impression that in Carbon 14 dating one of the assumptions is there was never a worldwide flood.

Mike Riddle: Right, there is that assumption behind Carbon 14 dating that creates false readings. The inventor of Carbon 14, Dr. Willard Libby, even noticed his assumption was false, but he ignored it because of his belief in Evolution.

Dr. Reagan: I've also been intrigued by findings recently of dinosaur skeletons that actually contain soft matter in the bones. And yet, dinosaurs are supposed to be hundreds of millions of years old, right?

Mike Riddle: Right. Paleontologists have been finding dinosaur skeletons with proteins, red blood cells, and tissue that is even stretchable, and they are finding Carbon 14 in their bones as well.

Dr. Reagan: How can that be if these skeletons are hundreds of millions of years old?

Mike Riddle: Simple, they can't be that old. But, here is the best explanation that we are hearing now from Evolutionists to explain the organic tissue found away — there is some unknown process that preserves soft tissue for millions and millions of years. Well, that's what you call a" rescue mechanism." It's not based on any observable science.

In the eleventh and last segment of this Creation training series with Mike Riddle, he'll explain why Evolution is every bit a religion.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creation Training: Language Records Destroy the Evolutionary Model

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Does language destroy the evolutionary model and prove the Flood?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Mike Riddle, the founder and director of a wonderful ministry called the Creation Training Initiative. It's a biblical discipleship ministry that teaches Christians how to defend their faith using Genesis and the teaching of a literal 6-day Creation.

Mike Riddle

Problems with Theistic Evolution

Dr. Reagan: We discussed earlier the Gap Theory and how people have tried to use that to adjust the Bible to Science. There is also another way they try to do that, and it's called Theistic Evolution. Many who believe in Theistic Evolution also believe in the Gap Theory. What exactly is Theistic Evolution and what are the problems with this theory?

Mike Riddle: Theistic Evolution is the idea that God used some form or forms of Evolution during His creative process. I hear this statement a lot of times, that God could have used Evolution. It's the wrong statement to make for a Christian. It's not a matter of what God could have done, rather it is a matter of what He did do as recorded in the Bible.

There are some problems common to all the Theistic Evolutionary models concerning the days of creation being long periods of time, which the Bible does not teach, nor does Science support. For example, one such falsehood is called the Framework Hypothesis, where Genesis is taken as just being poetic and is not meant to be taken as real history.

There are other forms out there, but they all have one basic thing in common, and that is the idea of billions of years. If we add billions of years into the Bible, that is clearly teaching death before sin. What happens in those billions of years is death, decay and disease, and that would all have to have happened before sin. If death was already there before sin, then why did Jesus Christ have to go to the cross and shed His blood and die and conquer physical death? We lose our foundation of the Gospel.

Here's another argument from Genesis 1:31. God looks back on His entire creation and calls it, "very good." If we've already had billions of years of death, decay and disease like cancer which we find in the bones, then God is calling cancer very good? That oddly enough is what Theistic Evolutionists adopt.

Human Records

Nathan Jones: The Bible obviously goes back some four to six thousand years. Then we go back to most human records, and all human records only go back a few thousand years. If we have millions of years of human history, why then don't we see a book from 100,000 years ago, or a cave painting, or something that is really old?

Mike Riddle: Well, you answered the question, for if we really had millions of years, we would have records today. But, since humanity really hasn't had millions of years, we don't see any records older than the Bible.

We can even look at just language itself, and what we call the oldest or earliest of languages, well they are very complicated. Language didn't start off as simple languages. These early people did not communicate in grunts. We only think that from watching television. When we look back at the ancient peoples, they were not dumb back then. They were very smart people. Just look at Adam and Eve the things they did.

One of my studies I teach is on ancient Egyptian mathematics. The people that were building the pyramids were using Calculus. They were very smart people back then. Sure, they didn't have the modern technology that we have with our computers, but what they achieved shows that people have always been very smart and very intelligent. When life spans were much longer and people lived a long time, they accumulated a vast amount of knowledge.

So, yes, the records only go back to about the time right after the Flood. What was the purpose of the Flood? It destroy all of mankind. God did that. So, our written records will only back to about the time of the Flood, which is about 4,500 to 4,600 years ago.

In the tenth segment of this Creation training series with Mike Riddle, he'll explain why Carbon 14 dating destroys the Evolutionary model.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Creation Training: Fossil Record Destroys Evolutionary Model

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Does the fossil record destroy the evolutionary model?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Mike Riddle, the founder and director of a wonderful ministry called the Creation Training Initiative. It's a biblical discipleship ministry that teaches Christians how to defend their faith using Genesis and the teaching of a literal 6-day Creation.

Mike Riddle

Those Telling Fossils

Nathan Jones: Tell us about the fossil record. Doesn't the fossil record prove Evolution?

Mike Riddle: When you look in school textbooks they'll say the fossil record sure proves Evolution.

Here's another critical thinking question that I just love and I train our youth to ask this question. When you look in the textbooks we see all these transitional fossils there. But, here's the question — how much of that fossil was actually found, and how much was added in by an artist based on assumptions? What we find in reality are very few fragments of a lot of these fossils. The rest is just drawn by an artist.

Dr. Reagan: What amazes me is they will find just one tooth — one tooth — and then an artist will draw this entire Neanderthal ape-looking person, all from one tooth.

Mike Riddle: That's right, that's been done before. It's all imagination.

Nathan Jones: When I was in seventh grade, we had a guy come to our class and put all these skulls on the table. He declared, "Look, this is the progression of humankind." So, I asked him, "Are those real, genuine skulls?" He actually answered, "Yes, yes, they are. These are real fossils." But in truth, not a single one of them could have actually been a real fossil of a pre-human skull. They were merely artist's plaster castings. And yet, this Evolutionist went up in front of our class and told us that the fossil record proved Evolution. He lied to a room full of kids. In truth, there is nothing in the fossil record that supports Evolution, for there are no transitional fossils of creatures changing from one species to another.

Mike Riddle: When we look at the fossils, what do we find? For example, what does the fossil turtle look like? Exactly like a turtle. There is a bat that is supposed to be millions and millions years old, this fossilized bat, well it looks exactly like a bat.

Dr. Reagan: What about a dog?

Mike Riddle: A dog? They look like dogs.

Dr. Reagan: Have you ever found a dat?

Mike Riddle: We haven't found any of those either. Evolutionists say alligators go back hundreds of millions of years. Guess what? They look like in their fossil record the same as today — alligators. Every creature that is living today, if we can find their fossil, looks almost exactly like it is today.

Let's then talk about fossil graveyards. These are grave yards where we find hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different kinds of creatures all buried and mangled together. In some cases dinosaurs are buried with all different kinds of creatures.

First, how are fossils formed? They have to be buried rapidly by the sediment to keep the oxygen out and the scavengers out, or you're the bones are never going to become fossils. How do you get thousands of creatures in these fossil graveyards such as fish, mammals, and reptiles all buried together? They don't all live in the same zones even. We find most of these fossil graveyards in sediments laid down by water. So, fossil graveyards are not created by long, slow processes. It takes a catastrophic event to mix all these animals together. And yet, we find these fossil graveyards all over the world. What does that tell you? It is a great indicator of a worldwide flood.

Dr. Reagan: I read one time where the writer said that the fossil record isn't really a record of historical ages, instead it is a record of an event, and that event is a worldwide flood.

Mike Riddle: Exactly, fossil graveyards just scream of a worldwide flood.

In the ninth segment of this Creation training series with Mike Riddle, he'll explain why the earliest datings of human records destroys the Evolutionary model.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Creation Training: DNA Demolishes Evolution

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Does the existence of DNA destroy the evolutionary model?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Mike Riddle, the founder and director of a wonderful ministry called the Creation Training Initiative. It's a biblical discipleship ministry that teaches Christians how to defend their faith using Genesis and the teaching of a literal 6-day Creation.

Mike Riddle

Computer Code for the Body

Dr. Reagan: Mike, DNA is so complex as I understand it. Even Bill Gates has said DNA is more complex than anything he's ever been able to program. How can a person continue to believe in Evolution with the evident complexity of DNA?

Mike Riddle: First of all, the discovery of DNA from just what we know about DNA has demolished Evolution. The problem is that this fact is not being told in the educational systems. Students are being told a whole different story about DNA and how it supports Evolution. But, it doesn't.

You know the mechanism for Evolution in that how it works depends on getting random mutations. Then through a series of random mutations there is a selection process that selects only the beneficial ones. There are some problems with that theory that we are not being told. First of all, mutations do not add new genetic information. They tend to take positive traits away or maybe keep them neutral at best. But, mutations have never been known to create new information, and therefore new and superior life.

In talking about information, let's take a look at just one DNA molecule. When we compare that to our modern computer hard drives, the compactness of the information in just one DNA molecule is over 5 billion (that is with a "B") times more compact than any hard drive that we have today. That's incredible!

DNA Helix

And, where did that vast amount of information come from? Well, let me give you one of my best examples that I think really support design and a Creator God. Let's look at the monarch butterfly. I love that creature. Monarch butterflies starts off as a tiny, tiny little worm (the technical term is larvae), and in about 20 days it grows to maturity, reaching almost two inches long. Once it reaches maturity, it finds a special leaf and builds a silk pad on the bottom of that leaf. Then it connects itself and hangs in a "J" position. After a while you can start to see this caterpillar move, and when it starts to move it's going to build a chrysalis. It builds it from the head back. And that's not yet what is amazing. What happens next is amazing!

Butterfly Stages

Once that caterpillar is in its chrysalis, the entire caterpillar except for the heart dissolves into a green liquid. Let me ask you a question here, this will be like a homework assignment question. Go home tonight. Turn yourself into a green liquid. What are you going to do next? That's it, you're done, unless of course somebody who is all intelligent pre-programs information into your DNA so that you can reassemble yourself. This is called "pre-programmed information." Even if Evolution worked, it can't do because if Evolution worked it can only work for the here and now, it cannot see into the future for its mutation needs. So, I think the monarch butterfly is a great case for the design and intelligence of a Creator.

Dr. Reagan: Basically you're saying that the DNA has demolished Evolution as a theory, and yet people cling to it because they close their eyes to the evidence?

Mike Riddle: Yes, they close their eyes. And, also because they are not being taught the truth about what DNA is all about.

Dr. Reagan: It reminds me of the book that came out recently by Ray Comfort with the title, You can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think.

Mike Riddle: That's true, we're not being taught critical thinking skills anymore.

Nathan Jones: That reminds me of Romans 1:21, "For although they knew God, they didn't glorify him as God or show gratitude. Instead their thinking became nonsense and their senseless minds were darkened." They willfully wanted to be ignorant. That's being dumb on purpose.

Mike Riddle: Right. What I like to teach is critical thinking skills, which we do in my classes. I give everybody three questions to ask when they are confronted by the Evolutionists: How do you know it's true? Has it ever been observed? So then, are you making any assumptions?

In the eighth segment of this Creation training series with Mike Riddle, he'll explain why the fossil record destroys the Evolutionary model.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Creation Training: Arguments Against Evolution

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What are the strongest arguments against Evolution?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Mike Riddle, the founder and director of a wonderful ministry called the Creation Training Initiative. It's a biblical discipleship ministry that teaches Christians how to defend their faith using Genesis and the teaching of a literal 6-day Creation.

Mike Riddle

The Argument for Origins

Dr. Reagan: I love that question because it just opens up every area of Science.

Mike Riddle: To start off with, a lot of people say that the battle is between God's Word the Bible and Science. No, it is not. Because, who created all the scientific principles? God did. He is not in a battle with Himself. So, true Science will always support God's Word and refute Evolutionism.

Let's get to some of the favorite arguments I use. The first one is called the "Origin of the Universe." Where did the matter come from to create the universe? We all know from good science and logic that from nothing, nothing comes. That question right there is a killer to the evolutionary model, because if you can't even get the first piece of matter then you've got nothing.

The Argument for Complexity

Mike Riddle: Here is one of my other favorite argument I call the "Origin of Life." I love this one. Why? Let's just take the cell. Let's start with one cell, for we've got about 60 trillion of these in our bodies. The cell is more complex than any machine mankind has ever made.

Sixty trillion. Did you know that is greater than the national debt right now?

Nathan Jones: Not for long!

Mike Riddle: Well, yes. We have 60 trillion cells and each cell is more complex than any machine mankind has ever made. But, we don't have to talk about a cell. Let's go further back in complexity and just talk about one single protein, not DNA, but just a single protein. Our best scientists in the world cannot produce one single protein. They come up with all these explanations for why they cannot.

The Argument for Oxygen

Mike Riddle: Here's the point — life cannot start in the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere because oxygen destroys chemical bonds. So, if there was oxygen in the atmosphere, life could never have begun. So, what Evolutionists teach in our schools is this: the atmosphere was different back then and there was no oxygen. That is a ridiculous thought, too, because if we take away all the oxygen we have no ozone, because ozone is made out of oxygen. If we don't have any ozone then those ultraviolet rays come down and fry all life, therefore everything is dead.

Now what Evolutionists are saying is that life started way down deep in the oceans so the sun light could not reach the proteins. I first think, "Wow, what a wonderful idea!" But, there is a process of water called hydrolysis, with hydro meaning "water." Hydrolysis literally means "water splitting." Water is necessary for us to survive, but it is one of the worst places in the universe for life to begin. Life cannot start with or without oxygen, and it cannot start in water. That is a huge problem for the Evolutionary model.

The Argument for Protein Creation

Mike Riddle: Let's then look at the structure of a protein. We have hands, both left and right. Our left and right hands are made up of the same things — four fingers and a thumb. But, the hands are not quite the same, because you put one hand behind the other and you'll notice your thumb and fingers are on opposite sides. Amino acids, which are these things that make up our proteins, they also come in two shapes called left and right-handed. They are mirror images of each other, just like our hands.

Here's the situation. Every amino acid in all biological proteins and in all life is left-handed. The natural tendency when we let bonding go along by itself always bonds left and right. Our best scientists in the world in every experiment they've ever done always ends up with left and right-handed amino acids. The result is like death, for such a configuration poisons life. Life requires 100% left-handed amino acids.

There's a lot to point out right there from a scripture — Romans 1:19-20, "God has given us all the evidence we need for believing in a Creator and no one has an excuse." I believe protein bonding is one of the great examples right there. Life cannot start by naturalistic processes. I think that is a powerful, powerful tool for people to use in countering the Evolutionist's false claims.

The Argument for Design

Dr. Reagan: I'm surprised you didn't mention the argument that most people use, and that is the argument of design.

Mike Riddle: Design, well cell complexity and protein bonding both come under design. We could go on for days and days on just design.

Dr. Reagan: All my life I wanted to see Mt. Rushmore. All of my life! Finally on our 50th wedding anniversary, my wife and I went to South Dakota and I finally saw Mt. Rushmore. I just stood there and thought, "Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished accidentally by erosion?" No, in truth, it hits you — when you have something that is designed, you have to have a designer.

Mike Riddle: Right, when you look at every creature, every animal, you see incredible design in there that defies Evolutionism.

Dr. Reagan: If I were to say that Mt. Rushmore was created accidently by erosion, a scientist would say I was insane. And yet, he turns around and says the whole universe accidently happened!

Mike Riddle: Right. Take a look at our computers, well we know they didn't happen by accident, and they are nothing compared to the human body.

Dr. Reagan: There has to be a designer.

Nathan Jones: Romans 1:20 says that, "For His invisible attributes, that is His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world, being understood through what has been made, as a result people are without excuse." We have no excuse for denying a Creator.

Mike Riddle: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Reagan: At the time that Darwin wrote his book, he wrote about the complexity of the human eye. That was before they even had good studies in microbiology and all of the discoveries that we have now. He was just sure that Science would ultimately prove Evolution. And yet, it seems the more Science we discover, the more evidence we have against Evolution.

Mike Riddle: Right. Actually, the best evidence against Evolution is God's Word itself, because it has never changed. There is a lot of Science in the Bible, and it has never had to change. But, our Science textbooks, we have to keep updating them, don't we?

Dr. Reagan: When you talk about a lot of Science in the Bible, that is so true. For example, the Bible talks about how the earth is round (Job 26:10; Proverbs 8:27; Isaiah 40:21-22). And yet, Evolutionists call us "flat-earth people" if we believe in the Creation.

The Argument for Morality

Mike Riddle: Here's another argument — morality. What's the difference between good and evil? How do you determine if something is good or something is evil? When asking the Evolutionists that, they really don't have an answer. They cannot give a universal definition of what is evil and what it good. They'll talk about how maybe it's one's own opinion. Well, everybody has different opinions. Or, they'll say morality is whatever society believes. Well, different societies have different values.

Only the Bible gives a universal definition. God commands us to be perfect. But, do you know what, we're not perfect, are we? God gave us a solution on how to be perfect, and that's His Son, Jesus Christ. So, God gives us the definition for He is the One who declares what is good and what is evil. He also declares that we have to be perfect, and He provides the solution for becoming perfect — accepting Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of our souls.

In the seventh segment of this Creation training series with Mike Riddle, he'll explain why DNA destroys the Evolutionary model.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Creation Training: The Gap Theory

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Is the Gap Theory a biblical teaching or just bad translation?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Mike Riddle, the founder and director of a wonderful ministry called the Creation Training Initiative. It's a biblical discipleship ministry that teaches Christians how to defend their faith using Genesis and the teaching of a literal 6-day Creation.

Mike Riddle

The Gap Theory

Nathan Jones: We have Dr. David R. Reagan here, but there is a Dr. David F. Reagan out there who believes in the Gap Theory. People are always getting the Dr. Reagan's mixed up. Can you explain the Gap Theory for people so they know that we here at Lamb & Lion Ministries do not believe in the Gap Theory. Please tell us what the Gap Theory is and what are the verses it applies to.

Dr. Reagan: I want to say that again — I do not believe in the Gap Theory. I've never believed in the Gap Theory. So, Mike, tell us about the Gap Theory.

Mike Riddle: First of all, let me explain what the Gap Theory is and why it got invented. In the 1800's, people started believing that the earth was old and that was in part from what Charles Darwin brought about. The earth has to be old to accommodate the whole idea and philosophy of Evolutionism.

A lot of our theologians started to cave in by that point and declared, "Well, if they've proven the earth to be billions of years old, where are we going to put this time into the Bible?" They decided to invent something called a gap to explain the long geologic ages in the fossil record. They put a gap in between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. These verses read, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void." What these confused theologians did in between those two verses was to put a gap of time of millions of years to accommodate the geologic time. To do this they reworded the Bible just a little bit so that it says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth became (not was) without form and void." In other words, the rewording gave the indication that God created the earth and then something happened before the rest of creation was completed.

There are a lot of different versions to what this something could be. Some say it had to be Satan's fall which then made a flood which destroyed everything. The earth then became without form and void.

We have to look at the word "became" which is the verb hayah in Hebrew. Can it mean became? Yes it can, but only in very specific cases, and only when hayah is proceeded by a preposition. In this case it is not proceeded by a preposition, so using "become" is an incorrect translation to translate that verb "became" rather than "was".

Another text these Gap Theorists use is in the King James, and that's the word "replenish" from Genesis 1:28. God told the people to go and "replenish" gives the indication that something went wrong and people have to refill the earth. We have to understand the King James is not wrong there. We have to understand that when the King James Bible was written the word "replenish" meant "to fill," not "refill." so we have to have a little study in grammar here. After the King James Bible was written that verb underwent a definition change. Today it means "to refill." So, to translate that correctly in modern English we should use "fill" instead of "replenish."

There are other problems with the Gap Theory. For instance, if we put the long geologic ages with the fossil record between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 the problem here is, what was going on during that gap? Death, decay, and disease. The Gap Theory clearly teaches death before sin, and the Bible teaches death after sin (Rom. 5:12).

Dr. Reagan: How does someone like Hugh Ross handle this question?

Mike Riddle: Hugh Ross' ministry will say that when it comes to sin the Bible's just referring to human death. Romans 5:12 does refer to just human death. But, he forgets Romans 8:22 where it says, "all of creation groans," which includes everything including the animals all because of one man's sin. So, he misses that point.

Or, he'll come up and say, "There had to be death before sin. Plants were dying. What were Adam and Eve eating from? Plants. What happens when you dig up plants and eat them? We kill them." He forgets a very important point there. God gave the breath of life to humans, and He also gives life to the animals. But, nowhere in the Bible does God give the breath of life to plants. Plants biologically have life because they have a cell structure, but biblically they are not given life.

So, there really is no death before sin found anywhere in the Bible, and therefore no gap between Genesis 1 and 2.

Dr. Reagan: So, the theologians who can't accept a young earth have got to come up with another theory?

Mike Riddle: Right, and unfortunately they in the process discredit the authority of God's Word. They are also not using good science in doing that because good science does indeed support a very young earth.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, and so does the statement concerning the Sabbath in the Ten Commandments where you earlier pointed out it says a day is a day.

Mike Riddle: Here's another one. Did you know Jesus Christ Himself believed in a young earth? In Mark 10:6, Jesus makes this statement, "But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female." What is Jesus saying here? Man and woman were on this planet from the beginning of the Creation, and not after millions of years. There's Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and the eyewitness Creator to all things proclaiming the earth is young.

In the sixth segment of this Creation training series with Mike Riddle, he'll give us the strongest arguments against Evolution.