Monday, September 9, 2013

Bible Prophecy Insights Ep5: The End of World Politics

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Bible Prophecy Insight

The Bible prophesies a very specific configuration of nations in the end times. These national alliances would be a sign of Jesus Christ's soon return.

The Roman Empire rises in the form of the European Union. Russia backs a united Muslim world. China becomes a mighty power. The strength of the West wanes. Israel rises from the ashes of history to become the focus of the world.

What's the end game? A one-world government.

Learn more by watching how these nations are finally aligned in the end time wars.


Welcome to the fifth "Bible Prophecy Insights" video, where you get an awesome insight into God's prophetic word — in just one minute! These specially produced computer animated videos hosted by Nathan Jones of Lamb & Ministries are designed to be shared all over the Internet, drawing people to the outright amazing promises God has for us all.

Our hope is that you'll learn from, enjoy, and pass these messages on to family, friends and acquaintances so that they too may know the spiritual richness of Bible prophecy.

Enjoy and God bless!


Billy said...

Maybe I'm easily impressed (though I don't think so) but the visuals in this video are very impressive.

Jeri said...

It is happening before our very eyes. Wake up world! Put out as much as you can now L&L, time for departure. It ismjustmatmthe door. God Bless!

Nathan Jones said...

Thank you for those encouraging words, Billy and Jeri! The Lord's blessed us with a fantastic computer animator. Just wait till you see his Genesis Series movie coming out - wow!

Jeri said...

Wow! Is right! Just watched the promo with the questions Ken Ham will be answering with the Genesis movie. Amazing!!! Also I think it will be for people a time to 'get on the ark' so to speak of the mind and spirit of The Lord. What perfect timing for this project or should it be said perfect in God's timing. God Bless!

Billy said...

If you have the time to respond, Nathan, I would love to know...

How much of the video is reality and how much cg?

Are the tables, monitors and keyboard real? How about the set itself...real or green screen. For that matter...was that YOU Nathan?


Nathan Jones said...

Billy, other than me, that's 100% green screen. Well, somewhat my hair and shoes are animated a bit so I don't look as real (trick of the trade I'm told).

Celestial Light and Sound said...

Hello, I love your blog. I'd like to add. I think a lot of people, even Christians, are willing to be satisfied with gaining lots and lots of biblical knowledge - and many people go to Bible studies and don't realize it isn't enough to know what's right, it's applying the information and the knowledge that you have. thanks a lot!~Wayne Williams