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The Revival of the Hebrew Language: Part 4 of 8

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What was the key discovery that directed Ben-Yehuda's pronunciation of Hebrew?

In 1880 Ben-Yehuda decided to take the advice of his doctor and go to Algiers in North Africa where he was assured the climate would be much better for his health. The advice proved true.

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

But what turned out to be more significant was a linguistic discovery Ben-Yehuda made there. For the first time, he encountered Hebrew as spoken by Sephardic Jews — the Jews who had settled around the rim of the Mediterranean Sea. He discovered that their pronunciation of Hebrew was so different from his Ashkenazic pronunciation that he could not understand them, nor could they understand him.23

As he studied their system of pronunciation, he fell in love with it. He found it to be more flowing and melodic, more natural to the lips and easier on the ears.24 Deciding rather arbitrarily, Ben-Yehuda concluded that the Sephardic pronunciation had to be closer to the original in biblical times, and he demanded it and taught it from that day forward.25

The Key Land

Although the climate of North Africa was very beneficial to Ben-Yehuda's health, he decided that if he was destined to die from TB, he would die in his homeland. So he decided to move to Palestine and reside in Jerusalem.

This was an incredible decision for anyone in that day and time, especially for a sick person. Palestine was a barren wasteland full of great hardships, and Jerusalem was an incubator of diseases — a backwater town where the sewage ran down the middle of the streets.

Before departing, Ben-Yehuda felt compelled to write Solomon Jonas and let him know he had decided not to marry Deborah because any wife of his would face terrible hardships and diseases and the possibility that he might die at any moment.26 But despite this letter and the fact they had not seen each other in seven years, Deborah would have none of it. She wrote back and insisted they get married. She stated that she was as bound to his fate as Ruth of biblical times had been bound to the fate of her mother-in-law, Naomi.27

They were married in Cairo in 1881. She was 27; he was 23. They agreed that Deborah's name would be changed to the Hebrew equivalent of D'vorah.28 They also agreed that they would never again speak to each other in any language except Hebrew — despite the fact that D'vorah spoke little Hebrew and the language lacked words for many everyday things.29 This led to communication through a lot of hand signals and finger pointing over the next few years.30

The couple proceeded immediately to Palestine and arrived at the port of Jaffa in the fall of 1881. From there they traveled by carriage to Jerusalem where they resided for the next 41 years. Many years later, Ben-Yehuda wrote that he had only two regrets in life: "There are two things for which I am sorry, and for which I can find no consolation: I was not born in Jerusalem, or even in the Land of Israel, and the first words I spoke were not spoken in Hebrew."31

The Key City

For 2,000 years, ever since their expulsion from the land by the Romans, the Jews in the Diaspora had been ending their prayers with the phrase, "Next year in Jerusalem." At long last that prayer had been answered for Eliezer and D'vorah. But the Jerusalem they found was not the Jerusalem of Scripture which is referred to in Isaiah as "a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord" (62:3) and "a praise in the earth" (62:7).

Instead, the city proved to be what they had been warned it would be. They found a small town of only 25,000 residents who were living in filth.32 The Jews constituted about half the population, but they were divided up into close-knit communities that had little to do with each other. And to Ben-Yehuda's despair, he discovered them speaking Ladino, Yiddish, Arabic, Spanish and Russian — but no Hebrew.33

At first, they tried to court the Orthodox community by dressing like Sephardic Jews, observing the kosher laws and attending the synagogue services on the Sabbath.34 But this effort proved to be of no avail. Ben-Yehuda's reputation as a Zionist with the aim of reviving Hebrew as a spoken language had preceded him. The result was that the Orthodox community, especially the Ashkenazis (European Jews), ostracized them.

Ultimately, this treatment convinced Ben-Yehuda and his wife that they should return to European ways and dress. Accordingly, Ben-Yehuda cut off his side curls, shaved his long beard into a closecut goatee and started wearing suits instead of robes.35 This change convinced the Orthodox that they had been right all along in viewing the couple as pagans.

Ben-Yehuda's zeal became focused. He made a large sign of his motto ("The day is short; the work to be done is so great!"), and he hung it on the wall above his stand-up desk (he argued that he could think better standing up).36 He proceeded to work 15 to 19 hours each day, most of it standing!


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In the fifth segment on the amazing prophetic fulfillment of the return of the Hebrew language, we'll look at Ben-Yehuda's plan for reviving Hebrew.

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The Revival of the Hebrew Language: Part 3 of 8

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What was the key event that flared Ben-Yehuda's passion to revive Hebrew?

Eliezer's time at the state school was to prove to be a pivotal period in his life. During that time he was introduced to the concept of nationalism, and he became a zealot in behalf of it.13

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

In 1877 Russia went to war against the Ottoman Empire in behalf of the liberation of the Balkans. And the concept of nationalism — "one state for each nation" — became the battle cry that swept Europe and which ultimately led to the outbreak of World War I.

The war in the Balkans captured Eliezer's imagination and awakened within him the idea that the Jewish nation, like all other nations, deserved its own state. Here's how he explained it:13

After a number of hours of reading the papers and reflecting on the fate of the Bulgarians and their future freedom, suddenly, as if lightning struck, an incandescent light radiated before my eyes... and I heard a strange inner voice calling to me: "The revival of Israel and its language in the land of the forefathers!"... The lot was cast. My life and strength were given from that time onto the labor of reviving Israel and its tongue in the land of the fathers.

The Key Diagnosis

In 1878, at the age of 20, Eliezer arrived in Paris where he intended to study medicine. But his heart was in Palestine, as his homeland was called at that time. And his zeal was for the revival of the Hebrew language as a spoken tongue.

But all his dreams and hopes were suddenly derailed by his nagging cough. He finally went to a doctor for a diagnosis, and the news he received was devastating. He had developed tuberculosis.

He immediately wrote to Deborah to inform her. "I have the feeling of a person condemned to death," he wrote. He continued, "For this reason I work now without sleep to put onto paper the reasons why it is so important for the Jewish world to become inflamed with the idea of returning to the land of our forefathers..."14 He then focused in on his greatest concern:15

I have decided that in order to have our own land and political life, it is also necessary that we have a language to hold us together. That language is Hebrew, but not the Hebrew of the rabbis and scholars. We must have a Hebrew language in which we can conduct the business of life. It will not be easy to revive a language dead for so long a time.

Eliezer closed this letter with a statement that would become his lifelong motto: "The day is short; the work to be done is so great!"

In his next letter to Deborah, he signed it Ben-Yehuda, and he added this postscript: "Do not be surprised that I sign a new name to my letter. This is the name which will appear over my articles. Someday I shall find the way to make it my own."16

His new name had a double meaning. His father's given name had been Leib, which was Yiddish for Yehuda. Thus, Ben-Yehuda meant Son of Yehuda. But Yehuda is the Hebrew word for Judea, and so the new name also meant that he considered himself to be a Son of Judea — a son of the land of his forefathers.17

The Key Articles

In 1879, when Ben-Yehuda was only 21, a prestigious Vienna newspaper published an article of his titled, "A Burning Question." The editor changed the name to "A Weighty Question." It was to be one of the first ever Zionist manifestos, calling on the Jewish people to return to their homeland.

In the article, Ben-Yehuda became the first person to call for the revival of Hebrew as an everyday language.18 In the process of writing the essay, Ben-Yehuda had to invent a new Hebrew word for nationalism: leumiut.19 He signed the article with his new name — Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.

Predictably, the Orthodox Jews reacted furiously, denouncing Ben-Yehuda as a pagan because he had the audacity to suggest that their holy language be defiled by using it for everyday conversation.20 But Ben-Yehuda was not deterred. He immediately responded to his critics with a second article which he titled, "And We Have Still Not Learned Our Lesson."21

In it he decried the political and philosophical divisions among the Jewish people and called for unity. He wrote, "Why do we not see, all of us whose eyes are so keen, that if we do not hurry to unite, the end is near, the horrible end of the hope of our people for an eventual redemption?" He then proceeded to ask a rhetorical question: "What is this one point on which all of us can unite?" His obvious answer: "The resettlement of the Land of Israel."22


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In the fourth segment on the amazing prophetic fulfillment of the return of the Hebrew language, we'll look at a key discovery that directed Ben-Yehuda's pronunciation of Hebrew.

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The Revival of the Hebrew Language: Part 2 of 8

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Who was the key person in reviving the long dead language of Hebrew?

God orchestrated the revival of spoken Hebrew through a baby born to an Orthodox Jewish family in 1858 in Lithuania, which at that time was part of Russia. He was given the name of Eliezer Yitzhak Perlman.

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

When Eliezer was 5 years old, his father died of tuberculosis. A few years later, the boy was sent to live with his mother's wealthy uncle, who was a stern taskmaster. As soon as Eliezer turned 13 and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, he was sent to a yeshiva (Rabbinical training school) in Belarus. There he fell under the influence of a young progressive rabbi who was caught up in the Jewish Enlightenment Movement.

The Key Teacher

One day the rabbi asked Eliezer to stay after class. When all the other students had left, the rabbi handed Eliezer a book and ask him to read it aloud. It was a Hebrew translation of Robinson Crusoe, and Eliezer was amazed by it.1 This was in 1872.

Eliezer's amazement was rooted in the fact that Orthodox Jews considered the Hebrew language to be a holy language that was appropriate only for use in the synagogue and for Rabbinical writing.2 To use it for secular purposes was considered ungodly and blasphemous.3 In fact it was taken to be an attack on the Jewish religion.4

From the moment Eliezer saw that Hebrew could be used for other than liturgical purposes, he was hooked on it and its revival as a spoken language. Near the end of his life, while thinking back on that moment, he wrote: "Since the first glance at a Hebrew Robinson Crusoe, I fell in love with the Hebrew tongue as a living language. This love was a great and all-consuming fire that the torrent of life could not extinguish."5

The Key Situation

Eliezer had grown up with Yiddish as his natural spoken language. He was a prodigy, so at the age of 3 he was reading Hebrew in the Scriptures and prayer books. But it was not used for everyday conversation, and not only because it was considered holy. Another problem was the fact that it did not contain sufficient words to carry on a modern day conversation.

It is estimated that in the 1880s only about 50 percent of all male Jews could understand the Hebrew readings in the synagogue, and as few as 20 percent could read a book written in Hebrew.6 In that same decade, the Jewish poet, Yehuda Leib Gordon (1830-1892), wrote: "Perhaps I am the last of Zion's poets, and you are the last readers."7 Although Gordon was a part of the Jewish Enlightenment, he saw little hope for Hebrew becoming a daily spoken language or even a language of literature.

Hebrew, because of its lack of use, was just too clumsy. One of Eliezer's biographers summed it up this way:8

Young writers preferred to write in Yiddish or in a European language, full of feeling and color. By contrast, Hebrew was bare and stiff, the dry language of the scholar. No one used Hebrew for everyday expressions. Orthodox Jews had a different reason for not speaking Hebrew. They believed it was wrong to use a holy language to say something like, "Take out the garbage."

Moshe Lilienblum (1843-1910), who was considered the "dean" of Hebrew authors at the time Eliezer was introduced to Robinson Crusoe in Hebrew, was also disillusioned with the future of the language. In a newspaper article, he announced that "Hebrew's time has passed, and it no longer has a purpose or task in Jewish life."9

The Key Family

When Eliezer's great-uncle discovered that the boy had fallen under the influence of a teacher mixed-up in the Jewish Enlightenment, he pulled him out of the yeshiva and disowned him. Eliezer wandered about on his own and ended up at a synagogue in Russia. There he met a remarkable man named Solomon Jonas who asked the boy to come live with his family. Jonas was a wealthy whiskey maker with six children of his own, the oldest of which was a daughter named Deborah who was 18 years old.10

Eliezer lived with this family for the next two years and was tutored by Deborah in French, German and Russian. During that time, his heart grew fond of Deborah.11

At the age of 16, Eliezer's adopted father decided he needed to pursue his education at a state school in Latvia. But this, as we will see, was not the end of Eliezer's relationship with the Jonas family.

It is significant to note that during his stay with the Jonas family, Eliezer developed a constant cough.12


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In the third segment on the amazing prophetic fulfillment of the return of the Hebrew language, we'll look at the key event that flared Ben-Yehuda's passion.

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The Revival of the Hebrew Language: Part 1 of 8

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What is the key prophecy concerning the revival of the Hebrew language?

For many years I have been taking pilgrimage groups to the Holy Land. One of the places we always visit is the Dead Sea Scrolls Museum in Jerusalem. The centerpiece of the museum is the Isaiah scroll that is displayed in a circular glass case.

I usually gather my group around the scroll, explain its importance and then turn the group loose to explore the rest of the museum. One year, after releasing the group, as I was walking away from the Isaiah scroll, I heard someone behind me suddenly start speaking loudly in Hebrew. When I turned around to see who it was, I discovered a young boy about 13 years old with his parents. The boy was reading the scroll, using a pointer. I supposed he was practicing for his Bar Mitzvah, for reading a section from the Scriptures is always a part of that ceremony.

Isaiah Scroll

As I listened to the young man, I realized I was witnessing a miracle. It occurred to me that a Greek boy of his age could not read the Greek writings of Homer (ca 8th Century BC) nor could an American or British boy read the English of Chaucer (14th Century AD). Yet this boy could read Hebrew written 2,000 years ago.

How was that possible? Because biblical Hebrew has been revived from the dead and is spoken as the national language of Israel today.

The Death of the Hebrew Language

But I am getting ahead of my story. Let's return for a moment to the days of the Bible.

The worldwide dispersion of the Jewish people began in 70 AD when the Romans ruthlessly ended their revolt against Roman rule by destroying the city of Jerusalem, including their marvelous Temple. This dispersion from their homeland was accelerated after their second revolt was put down in 136 AD.

As the Jews were scattered, they gradually stopped speaking their native language during the centuries that followed. Those in Europe took German and mixed it with Hebrew, producing a hybrid tongue called Yiddish. The Jews who settled in the Mediterranean basin mixed Hebrew with Spanish and developed a language called Ladino.

Hebrew became confined to the synagogues where it was used for Torah readings. By the beginning of the 20th Century, most Jews could not understand the Torah readings. For them, it was like a Gentile experiencing a Catholic mass conducted in Latin.

But all this was to change miraculously, and in the process, the fulfillment of a very important end time Bible prophecy began.

The Key Prophecy

The prophecy I have in mind is one about the revival of the Hebrew language. It is found in Zephaniah 3:9 —

For then I will restore to the peoples a pure language, that they all may call on the name of the LORD, to serve Him with one accord. (NASB)

The New International Version states that the Lord will "purify the lips of the people." The New Living Translation says God will "purify the speech." The English Standard Version puts it this way: "I will change the speech of the peoples to a pure speech." The Living Bible paraphrases the verse to read: "At that time I will change the speech of my returning people to pure Hebrew so that all can worship the Lord together."

The more literal translations of this verse leave the clear implication that the ultimate fulfillment of this prophecy will occur when all the peoples of the world are once again unified in their language, likely speaking biblical Hebrew. Whether this will occur during the Millennium or the Eternal State is not made precisely clear in the Scriptures.

For example, Isaiah 19:18 says that during the Lord's millennial reign, there will be cities in Egypt where people will be speaking Hebrew. And our key verse, Zephaniah 3:9, is set in the context of being fulfilled after God has poured out His "indignation" on the nations (Zephaniah 3:8). That's speaking of the Tribulation, so the implication is that the establishment of a universal language will occur at the beginning of the Millennium.

On the other hand, Zechariah 8:23 tells us that during the Millennium, "ten people from all languages and nations will take hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, 'Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you'" (NIV). So, it sounds like national languages will continue during the Millennium, and thus the unity of language will not occur until we reach the Eternal State.

But, as you will see, the revival of biblical Hebrew as the spoken language of the Jewish people today must be considered a miracle of God and at least a partial fulfillment of Zephaniah 3:9. In that regard, it should be noted that there is no other example in world history of an ancient language being revived as the spoken language of a modern nation. The restoration of biblical Hebrew to a modern day spoken language is a unique historical phenomenon.

In the second segment on the amazing prophetic fulfilment of the return of the Hebrew language, we'll look at the person who was key to reviving the long dead language.

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Urgent Times

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Israel in Bible prophecy is the central theme of end time prophecy.

The Church Age is about to come to a screeching halt with the Rapture of the Church. When that happens, God will focus on bringing a large remnant of the Jewish people to salvation through faith in Yeshua as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:10).

The Church Age began with an overlap period of time when God was working through both the Church and the Jewish people. The Church was established around 32 AD, and it was not until 38 years later, in 70 AD, that God poured out His wrath on the Jewish nation and proceeded to disperse them to the four corners of the earth. Now we are at the end of the Church Age, and once again we are experiencing an overlap period of time when God is working through both the Church and Israel.

He is calling the Church to prepare for the Rapture at any moment, while He is regathering the Jewish people back to their homeland where all the nations of the world will come against them and hammer them like no nation has ever been afflicted, resulting in a great remnant coming to the end of themselves and turning to God in faith. What a glorious day that will be! What a shame it is that it will require such extreme discipline to accomplish God's purpose.

It's exciting to be living in a time when we can personally witness the fulfillment of ancient prophecies before our very eyes. It is the most amazing time in all of human history, except for the time of the Lord's First Coming when He arrived as a baby born in a stable in the tiny village of Bethlehem.

It is tragic that the vast majority of professing Christians have no idea what a momentous age we are living in, either because they know nothing about God's Prophetic Word, or because they have been taught the erroneous theory of Amillennialism, which asserts that Jesus will never return to this earth to reign. The result is that most Christians are completely oblivious to the signs of the times, just as they are ignorant of any future role of Israel in history because they have been taught the lie that the Church has replaced Israel and God has washed His hands of the Jewish people.

I feel a great sense of urgency like I have never felt before, not only because, at age 75, my personal days here on this earth are growing short, but because I am absolutely convinced by the signs of Israel that the Lord Jesus is at the very gates of Heaven waiting for His Father's command to step out and return for His Church.

That's why it is so important for us to literally proclaim from the heavens through satellite and antenna transmissions that:


I believe that the only reason God has spared my life to this day is to join with other voices in proclaiming this message. I believe it is the only reason Lamb & Lion Ministries exists. We are not here to proclaim a particular end time viewpoint or to spend time debating and defending a viewpoint. Our purpose is to proclaim that the Signs of the Times are clearly signaling the Lord's imminent return for His Church. We are calling the unsaved to repent and embrace Jesus as their Lord and Savior before it is too late. And we are calling believers to commit their lives to holiness and evangelism.

To accomplish our God-given purpose, we need your prayers and your financial support, and we need you to prayerfully consider becoming a Prophecy Partner.

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America's Spiritual Crisis: Acts of Hostility

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Has President Obama exhibited any hostility towards Christianity?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Carl Gallups, senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, and the author of the best-selling books The Rabbi who Found Messiah and one of the best apologetics book called The Magic Man in the Sky. He is also the founder of the world famous PPSIMMONS YouTube channel and prominent Freedom Friday radio talk show host.

Pastor Carl Gallups

Obama's Acts of Hostility

Dr. Reagan: David Barton is one of the great teachers about the Christian heritage in America. He put out a document recently on America's most biblically hostile US President, which he said included Barack Obama. Here are Obama's acts of hostility toward the biblical faith.

In April of 2008, candidate Obama spoke disrespectfully of Christians, caught saying, "They are the kind of people who cling to guns and religion and have an antipathy toward people who don't like them."

In April of 2009, speaking at Georgetown University, he ordered the monogram symbolizing Jesus' name to be removed before he would speak.

In May of 2009, he declined to host services for the National Prayer Day.

In April of 2009, in a deliberate act of disrespect, President Obama nominated three abortion ambassadors in a row to the Vatican. The Vatican rejected all three. He was doing that just to throw it in their faces.

In October 2010, Obama began deliberately omitting the phrase "Creator" when he quoted the Declaration of Independence. He still does that today. He drops the word Creator when he quotes the Declaration of Independence.

Barton says in November of 2010, Obama misquoted the national motto. In fact, he has done that several times. He says the national motto is "E Pluribus Unum," rather than "In God we Trust." He will not admit that is our true national motto.

In January of 2011, after a federal law was passed to transform a WWI memorial in the Mojave Desert to private ownership, the US Supreme Court ruled that the cross in the memorial could continue to stand, but the Obama Administration refused to allow the land to be transferred as required by law.

In February 2011, President Obama filled posts in the State Department, but for more than two years he refused to appoint a religious freedom ambassador. He only did so because Christians came down on him. The list continues on and on and on.

Let's not forget his acts of hostility regarding the military. His acts of hostility toward biblical values. And, his acts of preferentialism for Islam.

Carl Gallups: Almost every one of these you are reading, they are may I say it again — unprecedented — in our American history. That's why I use that word.

Dr. Reagan: President Obama when he went to Egypt, he talked about the great Muslim heritage of the United States and of the Founding Fathers. I thought, "Who in the world is he talking about?" He pointed to Thomas Jefferson owning a Koran. Yes, he had a Koran, because our ships were being raided by Muslims Barbary Pirates and he wanted to find out what was the thinking of these people. So Jefferson gets a Koran to read it to study their culture, but then Obama calls him an advocate of Islam.

Carl Gallups: Yes, in fact Jefferson used what he learned to bring an end to the piracy and to wage war against that culture.

Dr. Reagan: It is just unbelievable how fast our nation has moved in the wrong direction. It's an exponential curve of the deterioration of our values.

Carl Gallups: Yes, it is, and that's why I've said the exclamation point seems to be at the end of the sentence.

Dr. Reagan: It sure is. That's why I've written about that very topic in a 40-page booklet called The Prophetic Manifesto, in which I talk about the terrible condition of our nation and the terrible condition of our churches. The terrible condition of the Church is one of the reasons for the terrible condition of our nation.

Carl Gallups: I find myself praying a lot the prayer of Abraham over Sodom and Gomorrah. "Lord God, if there is 50 of us left, would you bring a blessing and spare us? If there is 40? If there is 30?" I don't know where we are in that prayer, but I tell Christians, "Stay engaged and stay on your knees."

Dr. Reagan: Amen! We are to be the salt and light. If we are not salt and light standing up and speaking out for what's right, nobody will.

The Magic Man in the Sky
Order your copy of this special book today!

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America's Spiritual Crisis: Obama's Moral Legacy

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Will the legalization of homosexual marriage result in the legalization of all sexual deviancies?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Carl Gallups, senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, and the author of the best-selling books The Rabbi who Found Messiah and one of the best apologetics book called The Magic Man in the Sky. He is also the founder of the world famous PPSIMMONS YouTube channel and prominent Freedom Friday radio talk show host.

Pastor Carl Gallups

Obama's Legacy

Dr. Reagan: One of the things that comes to mind, Carl, when you talk about unprecedented events happening today is something that President Obama has done ever since he came to office, and that I just consider an abomination. Every June President Obama issues a proclamation that proclamation honors and celebrates the LGBT community — lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, and transgendered community. A President of the United States celebrating this and then asking the nation to celebrate it?

Every time President Obama has made his proclamation, and he has done it every June, I've written him a letter or I sent an email. Of course I never get a response when I express my amazement over why he does this and why his actions are unbiblical.

But, this last time I decided to take a different approach. I decided to become sarcastic. So, I sent him a letter and I said, "Mr. President, I can't believe you issued this particular declaration, because you claim to be a man who believes in fairness to everyone and discriminating against no one. I want to know why you discriminated in this celebratory proclamation? If you are going to mention lesbians, gay, bi-sexual and transgender, then why in the world didn't you include pedophiles, zoophiles, fornicators, adulterers, and prostitutes? Why are you discriminating against them?" Obviously, I didn't get an answer. Instead, I'll probably get an IRS review.

Carl Gallups: Probably so, yes, you'll likely have your taxes audited this year. You'll get that answer!

This issue is very important to me from a biblical standpoint. The fact that homosexuality exists has been around since the days of Genesis. Homosexuality is nothing new. But, this is my personal opinion based upon my years of research, and I stand room to be corrected. I don't think that God so much brings His judgment on a culture simple because homosexuality exists. That's a person's relationship between God and themselves and their sin nature. But, where God's judgment seems to fall, if I'm understanding the Scriptures correctly, is when a culture celebrates and legalizes and embraces the lifestyle as something that is normal, or declared part of our society. God's judgments falls on that.

Dr. Reagan: To me that's downright scary and I'll tell you why. Romans 1 describes a nation or society in rebellion against God, and is says that when a society begins to rebel against God, God will step back and lower the hedge of protection. The first thing that will happen will be a sexual revolution. That happened in the 60's in this country.

And then Romans says that if the nation refuses to repent, God steps back a second time and lowers the hedge of protection even more, allowing for a plague of homosexuality. Society will embrace women running after women and men after men.

If the nation still refuses to repent, God steps back a third time and lowers the hedge of protection yet again, and this time He turns the society over to a depraved mind. The society actually destroys itself. Romans is just as clear as it can be, and we're seeing this very thing unfolding today.

Carl Gallups: Yes, sadly it is. Before this whole where we are now with the ongoing legalization of homosexual marriage and so on, well before that I shared what this downward slide meant on my radio program. I was decrying back then the radical homosexual movement calling out: "Acknowledge us, acknowledge us, celebrate us; you have to like what we're doing!" I said if this slide continues to go on, it will go to homosexual marriage, but then that will be the impetus for legalizing pedophilia and every other abomination. Believe it or not, that very thing is now happening. I was called all kinds of names on the radio by people. "I'm a bigot!" I can't even share some of the names they used.

Nathan Jones: There was a pedophiles convention held fairly recently. They brought in doctors who specialized in sex to talk about pedophilia. The goal was to try and have their "condition" classified as normal behavior.

In another horrific example, a watchdog group pretended online to be a little girl living out in Asia. They received over 300,000 hits to their website as the pedophiles ask this little 10 year old girl, though she was make believe and computer animated, to take her clothes off. Most of the hits came from the United States! So pedophilia is alive and rampant in the United States right now.

Carl Gallups: Yes, indeed, and that biblically is the natural downhill slide of being given over to a depraved mind.

Dr. Reagan: If a homosexual is going to use their fundamental argument in behalf of homosexuality, that "I was born that way," well then, a pedophile can also say they're "born that way." Likewise, a murderer is "born that way." We all have a fallen sin nature, and it manifests itself in different ways. But you don't say, "Hey, I'm going to celebrate my sin nature." No, you try to put it under the control of the Holy Spirit.

Carl Gallups: That's right. I may have as part of my sin nature, say a really hot temper. I may want to just deck everybody that accosts me. I might even want to kill somebody I get so mad. But, I don't do any of that. Why? Because the Holy Spirit brings that under control. So people say, "I was born this way." Okay, but you need to bring it under control before it consumes you.

Nathan Jones: The movie Gravity came out in late 2013. In one emotional part the main female character is sitting in a capsule in orbit around the earth. She knows she's going to die. Since she knows she's going to die, she cries out, "No one taught me to pray." She says that over and over again, "No one taught me to pray. No one taught me to pray."

We are seeing the fruit of the fact that as we have abandoned God, and for society, no one therefore has taught anybody how to deal with morality, how to deal with life and death, or even how to deal with God. Nobody taught them how to pray.

Getting back then to the Obama Administration's immoral stances, they're not the cause of the problems, are they? They are merely a reflection of society.

Carl Gallups: They are, absolutely. They are just the reflection. Serving in that administration are people who grew up in this culture that has abandoned God, and reflect society's lack of morality.

Dr. Reagan: I love the way you describe this situation, Carl, that it's the exclamation point at the end of the sentence. We have rebelled against God since the 60's overwhelmingly, and God is putting judgment after judgment upon this nation, calling it to repentance.

The Bible teaches that one of the judgments God will put on a nation is He will give them the kind of leaders that they deserve. We have Obama because we deserve Obama. And so, we need to be on our knees crying out to God.

In the fifth and last segment of our interview with Pastor Carl Gallups on America's spiritual crisis, Dr. Reagan will run through the list of anti-Christian behavior exhibited by our current administration.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

America's Spiritual Crisis: Unprecedented

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What has been the Obama Administration's spiritual impact on the United States?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Carl Gallups, senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, and the author of the best-selling books The Rabbi who Found Messiah and one of the best apologetics book called The Magic Man in the Sky. He is also the founder of the world famous PPSIMMONS YouTube channel and prominent Freedom Friday radio talk show host.

Pastor Carl Gallups

Obama's Impact

Nathan Jones: Carl, big question, how do you to assess the Obama Administration's spiritual impact on our nation?

Carl Gallups: I can begin it by doing it with one word — unprecedented.

Nathan Jones: That is the word that President Obama is notorious for using all the time, right?

Carl Gallups: It is a word that I use to describe the spiritual impact as well. Now, please hear me, I want to be fair about this. I do not believe that President Obama is the epitome of all the evil that has befallen our nation. I do not. I think though in our lifetime historically he has become the exclamation point at the end of the sentence. In other words, for administrations prior to him there has been a downward slide for decades, but it is like now we are at the point where the exclamation point is put.

Unprecedented. What do I mean by that? It is unprecedented that a US President and his Vice President would proclaim on national and thus worldwide television that a marriage between two men or two women is just as sanctified as a marriage between a man and a woman. That is unprecedented. That is like shaking your fist at God, absolutely.

Unprecedented is that a US President would take a federal law like the Defense of Marriage Act and basically say, "I'm not going to obey that law. I determine that it is unconstitutional."

Unprecedented that a President and his Vice President would come out in such overwhelming support of the radical homosexual rights agenda.

I could just keep on going down the line of events. Unprecedented debt, and that was done on purpose.

Nathan Jones: We're nearing $17 trillion in national debt. How could we possibly pay that off?

Dr. Reagan: Debt is a moral issue.

Carl Gallups: Yes, it's a moral issues and it's biblical issue. It's unprecedented that our US military has been forced not only to acknowledge the homosexual lifestyle, but to celebrate it.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes, and the chaplains are being forced to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies.

Carl Gallups: Unprecedented. Do you see why I use the word now?

Nathan Jones: When it comes to unprecedented, we're talking about never having been done before, in other words.

Carl Gallups: Yes, and particularly unprecedented when it comes to our American history.

When you consider that the United States is the number one super power economically and militarily, then that makes the office of the presidency if not the most power position in the world, one of the top most powerful positions in the world. So now with the Internet and instantaneous cable television and so forth, it is unprecedented that this kind of a "world leader" would make these kind of statements that now don't just impact our culture, but they impact the entire world.


In the fourth segment of our interview with Pastor Carl Gallups on America's spiritual crisis, Carl will explain why the legalization of homosexual marriage will result in the legalization of all sexual deviancies.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

America's Spiritual Crisis: Evolutionist's Endgame

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What is the end game for the teaching of Evolution?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Carl Gallups, senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, and the author of the best-selling books The Rabbi who Found Messiah and one of the best apologetics book called The Magic Man in the Sky. He is also the founder of the world famous PPSIMMONS YouTube channel and prominent Freedom Friday radio talk show host.

Pastor Carl Gallups

Monkey Business

Dr. Reagan: The polls taken by the Barna Association and others clearly show that the average Christian today just simply doesn't even know the fundamentals of the faith.

Carl Gallups: No, they don't. They don't know the Word in its context. Now there's the key word — context. A lot of people only take snippets, you know little passages here and a little verse there, out of the Bible.

Dr. Reagan: You've got people who claim to be evangelicals who actually believe Jesus sinned.

Nathan Jones: I also saw that poll. Only 9% of today's population believe in Evangelical Christianity as in the Bible is infallible, Jesus was virgin born, and all the other non-negotiable fundamentals of the faith. We're down to just 9%!

Dr. Reagan: It is no wonder there is so much apostasy in the Church today, because people don't know the Word,. They no longer know how to test anything by the Word.

Carl Gallups: May I share a theory I have? I think a little over a 100 years ago in our culture we did something, and it was done on purpose. It came from the pits of Hell, but it was also planned by those desiring to destroy the foundation of this nation. We began teaching generation after generation after generation that there is no God and humanity came from monkeys. You see? Life is merely all a happenstance. You life is just one big cosmic accident.

To think that in some 6-10 thousand years of human history, the best that mankind has been able to come up with, if you leave God out of the picture, the best humanity has been able to come up with and wrapped pseudo-science around it is that we came from a common ancestor which is a primate. That primate came from a rat, that came from a reptile, that came from fish...

Nathan Jones: Ultimately Evolution teaches as you go back to the beginning that we came from nothing.

Carl Gallups: It goes from nothing to man, right, and that is the best they have been able to come up with.

Evolutionist's Endgame

Dr. Reagan: The interesting thing about Evolution when you look at the debates that were going on in the 1920's that lead up to the Scopes Trial, you'll find that the Evolutionists then were saying, "All we want is equal time. We just want to share our viewpoint along with yours."

Carl Gallups: Yes, they were asking for a "fair hearing."

Dr. Reagan: Come to today, and it is the Evolutionist's viewpoint and their viewpoint only that can be taught. No other viewpoint can be taught according to them.

Carl Gallups: That's right, because they had that planned all along. Evolution is a fact to them. If you believe in Creation or Intelligent Design, then you're an idiot. That's what they had planned all along. We picked that snake up and we got bit by it.

Dr. Reagan: What's the amazing thing about that too is that Evolution is just continually falling apart at the seams in terms of the arguments they present for it. DNA has actually destroyed the theory. How can you explain DNA? It is a program of billions of characters. DNA is a program that is put into each cell. It's an information system.

Nathan Jones: A fern's DNA is far more complex than a human being's, and yet the fern is supposed to be primitive.

Dr. Reagan: DNA is like an operational manual. Now, did that just appear?

Carl Gallups: No, information systems do not just appear. There is nothing in our real world that we have ever observed or demonstrated or repeated or falsified of an information system simply appearing. It just doesn't happen.

Dr. Reagan: It's like buying a computer without a motherboard and just sitting there and waiting for it to boot up.

Nathan Jones: As a guy who programs websites all the time, I know that I can't put a website up without any programming behind it. There wouldn't be anything there to look at. There would be nothing to see.

Carl Gallups: Well, if you would wait 4.5 billion years, there will be!

Dr. Reagan: DNA is the reason the world famous Evolutionists like Richard Dawkins have now claimed that they have to shift their thinking. Some are even going so far as claiming that maybe life came here floating on crystals from outer space.

Carl Gallups: Yes, that's not shifting your thinking. That's called shifty thinking.

Nathan Jones: I think it should be called science fiction.

Carl Gallups: Back to the societal angle which is where I want to tie Evolution, when you take generation after generation after generation, what you are doing is literally (and this an overused term, but it is the truth) you are dumbing people down. The final result is that you are destroying the foundation of our culture, which is the Judeo-Christian biblical foundation.

Now, that is not to say our nation was ever a solid Christian nation where only Christians could live here and only Christians could be citizens, but it was based on Christian values.

Carl Gallups: It was. Our legal system, our school system, our society, our laws, our structure our thinking — all were based on Judeo-Christian, biblical values. Evolution destroys that underpinning.

Think about this. We say, "We are thinking about the little kids." Yes, but those little kids have all grown up now under Evolutionary teachings. They are 50-60 years old and they are running our nation. They are our lawyers. They are our lawmakers, our Congressmen, our judges, and they are our Presidents and Vice Presidents. And so, we wonder what is wrong with our country? Well, we taught our country that there is no God and that our nearest common ancestor is an ape.

Dr. Reagan: All of this kind of thinking has infiltrated the church and the pulpit as well, hasn't it?

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes, it has. Why? Because a lot of them grew up under Evolutionary teachings as well. Churches have constantly tried to figure out a way to mix the Bible and Evolution together.

Dr. Reagan: The result is the Church has been marginalized and anybody who believes the fundamentals of the Word of God is a right-wing fanatic.

Carl Gallups: Absolutely! But, think of this, you could not pull a baby out of a mother's womb and kill it unless you thought there was no value to life. You could not say that two men could be married and that be sanctified unless you thought there was no value to marriage. The only way you can get to those conclusions and others is by destroying the Judeo-Christian foundation. Evolution has done that to our society.

In the third segment of our interview with Pastor Carl Gallups on America's spiritual crisis, Carl will explain the Obama Administration's spiritual impact on our nation.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

America's Spiritual Crisis: The Shift

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Has the United States experienced a radical shift away from Christianity?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Carl Gallups, senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, and the author of the best-selling books The Rabbi who Found Messiah and one of the best apologetics book called The Magic Man in the Sky. He is also the founder of the world famous PPSIMMONS YouTube channel and prominent Freedom Friday radio talk show host.

Pastor Carl Gallups

Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups

Nathan Jones: Before we get started, Carl, please tell us a little bit about your radio program, Freedom Friday. I'm a subscriber to it and so know it covers from the biblical perspective national and international events. And how can people find it?

Carl Gallups: We broadcast over 1330 WEBY. It is a 25,000 watt AM station on the Gulf Coast, and the most powerful AM station between Tampa and New Orleans, Louisiana. We broadcast by radio to portions of four states on the Gulf Coast, and of course we are linked up to Internet streaming.

We stream live over the Internet. Plus, you can pick us up on your smart phone. We also podcast my program "Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups." The easiest way to get to it is In the top right-hand corner you'll see the link for radio, listen live, and podcast. Click there and it takes you to the "Freedom Friday" website, including broadcast archives.

We broadcast live once a week on Friday, 5-7 pm Eastern Time. We happen to have a large international audience because they get up the next morning and listen.

The format is a live call-in show usually where I interview people. I interview all kinds of authors and political figures and religious figures. People can also call in. We have lively discussions and debates and have a good time.

My PPSIMMONS YouTube channel name is a moniker. It's an acronym for "Proclaiming the Precious Salvation of Jesus in Many Ways and Many Nations thus Obliterating our Nemesis Satan." P-P-S-I-M-M-O-N-S. When this ministry was started that was its name, but it's become a network now known as PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network. We offer a syndicated blog spot. Our YouTube channel has right now nearly 33 million views and 33,000 subscribers, and it's only been up for four to five years.

We've also got three to five Facebook properties that go with it. I can't remember all of the different properties. The radio program is connected to it all as well. Plus we have a little Internet television thing, too, so we cover TV, radio, everything. It's growing. Praise be unto the Lord!

Dr. Reagan: I highly recommend this program of Carl's. If you want to find a biblical viewpoint on what is going on in the world and in our nation regarding just about any topic, whether it be abortion, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, or national debt, Carl shows there's a moral aspect to these things and a biblical aspect. You can find that on his radio program.

The Shift

Dr. Reagan: Carl, several months ago you made an interesting observation at a lunch we were at. You said, "What you and I believe today — the Christian values that we hold and the Christian doctrines that we believe in — were the center of Christianity 25-30 years ago. And today we are considered to be right-wing nuts on the periphery." Has there been that much of a shift in Christianity?

Carl Gallups: I suppose so. I'm shocked every day that passes. For centuries there has been in the United States a foundational understanding of who we are as Christians being people of the Word who live by a biblical worldview. We were a people who stood unashamedly for the Bible as the infallible, authoritative Word of God for all of life. Just 20-30 years ago that was applauded, now if you hold these biblical views you are on the terrorist watch list.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, indeed. I'll give you another example. Who would have thought 20 years ago that you would find major Christian leaders today talking about there being many roads to God. And, if you talk about there being only one road — Jesus Christ— as the Bible teaches, then you are an intolerant bigot.

Carl Gallups: Yes, today now we must embrace the homosexual community. It's an amazing shift in morality. You're right, that's why I said what I said. When you told me you were remembering something from a lunch time months ago I was panicking. I thought, "Oh, my, what is he going to bring up?" But, no, you're right. I remember saying that because it is something that perplexes me every day. I don't consider myself to be radical at all. I've consider myself to just be mainline, firm, biblical worldview kind of guy.

Dr. Reagan: But, Christianity is not mainline anymore, is it?

Carl Gallups: No kidding! I find that I'm preaching and teaching just plain biblical facts, biblical truths, that are substantiated by a plethora of Scripture. You preach this and that and you proclaim that now, and people put a target on you and call you all kinds of filthy names.

In the second segment of our interview with Pastor Carl Gallups on America's spiritual crisis, Carl will explain what the end game is for the teaching of Evolution.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Rabbi Kaduri Names the Messiah: The Final Verdict

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Have you heard the amazing story about the world renowned rabbi who left a sealed message to be opened a year after his death? He said the Messiah had appeared to him and that the message would contain the Messiah's identity. And when the message was opened, it shocked the Orthodox Jewish world, so much so in fact, that they have tried to keep it quiet ever since.

Pastor Carl Gallups reveals what the rabbi's message said and how it has shocked the Orthodox Jewish world in his latest book The Rabbi who Found Messiah. He's also written one of the best apologetics book called The Magic Man in the Sky. Here now is our Christ in Prophecy interview of Pastor Gallups on this fascinating topic.

Carl Gallups

A Companion Film

Dr. Reagan: Carl, you wrote the book on Kaduri's profession, but tell us about the movie version of it.

Carl Gallups: Yes, the book was made into a documentary movie by award-winning film producer George Escobar. I thought he did an amazing job. He made me look really good.

Dr. Reagan: One of the things that I love in the movie is where they show Kaduri's son denying all of what his father said. Then you cut to these students who sat under him saying, "Oh, no, he taught this."

Carl Gallups: The video has got Kaduri's son saying to the effect, "My father never even spoke about the Messiah." The film shows the Israeli newspapers had been running articles about what his father said, and then they've got students from his own Yeshiva saying he talked about the Messiah all the time and said his name was Yehoshua.

Dr. Reagan: How long does the film run?

Carl Gallups: It's an hour, exactly 55 minutes I think.

It's an amazing film, but not because of me. The movie is amazing. My jaw was on the ground when I watched it.

Dr. Reagan: I first read the book, and then I saw the film and was just blown away by the film.

Carl Gallups: Well, I wrote the book and then I saw the film, and I was amazed as well. They did an amazing job. You know George Escobar and WND Films produced the number one faith movie in America right now. They are an amazing team and did a wonderful job. So, I tell people read the book which is really good with lots of information in it, but you've got to go and see the movie as well.

Final Verdict

Dr. Reagan: Carl, what's your personal conclusion about Kaduri? Was his message a forgery? Dementia? Valid vision? What?

Carl Gallups: Of course, I have no idea of knowing with 100% accuracy, but based upon all the investigation I did as I wrote the book and am in the movie, my best guess with the evidence I have before me now if I was a cop going to take a case to court, my best guess at this point would be that the note was for real. It was an original. It was posted on Kaduri's website before his followers really understood how to decrypt it. Once it was decrypted and Yehoshua was the named the Messiah, and they had to have known that he taught this in his seminary, but I think they were just terrified by the international implications of Kaduri's claim. I think they pulled the note down as quickly as possible of his website and started to deny it was ever there and wanted to cover it up. So, yes, I think the note was real.

Dr. Reagan: Are the Orthodox and Kabbalists going to be very happy with you?

Carl Gallups: They are not very happy with me now. The sad part of that is, I'm such a supporter of Israel and such a supporter of the Jewish people. We've done no harm to Rabbi Kaduri's legacy. I treat the family and Rabbi Kaduri with the utmost of respect and integrity.

The Message of the Messiah

Dr. Reagan: Carl, for someone who doesn't know Jesus of Nazareth, should they sit back and wait for a vision of God to tell them about Jesus?

Carl Gallups: Having a vision from God is an amazing and wonderful thing, but no, there is no need to wait for that because God has revealed Himself perfectly in the person of His Son Jesus Christ. In God's Word the Bible we have that vision that is given to us, and let me just say Romans 10:9 I think says that message succinctly and perfectly. "If you would confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, then you shall be saved." And you break that down, confessing with your mouth He is Lord —Jesus is Lord — not you, not the world, not something you've earned, but Jesus. Jesus is Lord.

Believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. Why? Because then you know Jesus is the Lord of life. Through Jesus Christ you shall have eternal life.

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah
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